The spring rain is full of humidity and the grapes are suitable for planting

Spring is the best season for planting trees, and the grapes are planted at the same time. Recently, the scientific and technical personnel of the Haiyan County Agricultural Research Institute visited the Qinshan Wan'ao Vineyard and other places many times to go to the countryside to guide the fruit farmers to plant grape seedlings.
According to the scientific and technical personnel of the county agricultural institute, the spring planting of grape seedlings is conducive to transplanting and survival. Spring rain is generally more, grapevines after planting, the ground humidity and air humidity is relatively large, is conducive to the survival of grape seedlings, but also conducive to the management of grape seedlings, labor-saving province. In addition, the spring planting, grape seedlings can better adapt to new environmental conditions, can promote the growth of seedling roots and plant normal growth and development.
Every scientific and technical personnel of the county agricultural institute conducted on-site technical guidance, pointed out the existing problems, emphasized planting techniques, and demanded that grape planting tasks be completed by March 10.

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