Sand ginseng, also known as Nansha ginseng, is native to China and Japan. Hi warm, warm and sunny environment, strong cold resistance, summer fear of high temperature and humidity, should be cool and dry climate. The requirements for soil quality are not strict, and it is better to loose fertile a ...more

Chinese Cabbage Rational Fertilization Technology

First, need fertilizer characteristics Cabbage, also known as “Chinese Cabbage,” “Yellow Sprout,” or “Warm Chinese Cabbage,” is a native and specialty vegetable in China. There are more than 1,000 varieties of Chinese cabbage in China and are widely cultivated ...more

Rotary blade installation and adjustment

(1) Installation of the blade The chisel blade has no special requirements for installation. The straight shape of the chisel blade has strong earthing ability, poor soil properties, and easy to rent wrapped grass. It is suitable for weeds and compacted soil. Its installation is generally arranged ...more

Preventing pollution of tea mushroom bag

Mushrooms appear during the cultivation of Agrocybe aegypti, and the following measures should be taken to prevent contamination of the bags. First, the cottonseed husks were concocted and fermented 24 hours in advance so that the feed temperature rose to 60-70°C to kill the bacteria. The sec ...more

Daisy (Figure)

Scientific name: Bellis perennis Alias: Marguerite, Chunju Family: Asteraceae Morphological characteristics: perennial herbs. Plant height 20 cm, root leaves, showing a spoon-shaped or long oval, full. The stems were extracted from the leaves and the top flowers. White, pink or purple flowers b ...more

Several measures to shorten the scallop cultivation per…

1. Split the seedlings in a timely manner There are two suitable temperature growth periods for scallops in one year. The larvae of scallop scallops are raised to three times of proper temperature growth period. Therefore, the production time must be divided before the end of August of the same ye ...more

State Food and Drug Administration issues medical devic…

In order to effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate the hazards of public health emergencies, and ensure that the medical equipment required for emergency public health emergencies complete registration and approval as soon as possible, the State Food and Drug ...more