4 kinds of food easily eat face spots

Everyone wants to have a ruddy and smooth face because it not only gives people a sense of beauty, but also makes them happy and beneficial to their physical and mental health. However, some people have many brown freckles on their faces, and there are more women than men. What are the advantages ...more

Eight nutritional black cuisine

Wumei smells sweet and pleasant. After simmering for 40 minutes, add sweet-scented osmanthus, cool the sugar, and then become osmanthus ebony juice. Ukrainian juice, fragrant smell sweet and pleasant. Dried ebony pharmacies are available for sale. Pay attention to a small fire when cooking, swee ...more

Prevention and treatment of apple diseases

The purpose of implementing pollution-free control of apple pests and diseases is to prevent the pesticide residues in products from exceeding the national standards when applying non-pollutant pesticides by means of cultivation measures, physical control, biological control, and the use of low-tox ...more

Broiler vaccine selection considerations

What issues do you need to pay attention to when choosing the right vaccine (including live vaccines and dead vaccines)? Select the type of vaccine Vaccine: For more than two immunizations, the vaccine used should be as different as possible. If IBD is immunized, the first use of B1, the second use ...more

Orchard planting grass thatch tree high quality product…

In recent years, the new technology of orchard mulching has been greatly promoted, and the yield and quality of fruit trees in the mulching orchards have greatly improved. In particular, the snow-and-moss series rat grass that was planted in some orchards in Laiyang and surrounding cities played a ...more

The Establishment of Illumination System of Wuji Chicke…

The requirements of the light time of the black-bone chicken at different times The requirements of the light time are different for the chickens in different periods of the black-buffed chicken. The general lighting schedule is as follows: 1 to 7 days 24 hours; 8 to 30 days 12 hours; 31 to 100 da ...more

Is corn distiller's grain feed directly to pigs?

Distiller's grains are one of the most mature feed ingredients in the world. The protein content is 22%, and the energy is also good. However, the biggest side effect is that the mycotoxins are concentrated in the production. Therefore, they cannot be used in excess, and they are generally ligh ...more