Cows Simple Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy

The early diagnosis of pregnancy is very important in dairy cows' production. Early diagnosis can be made to strengthen the feeding management and improve the milk production and the cow's constitution. At the same time, it can prevent miscarriage due to repeated breeding; if it is diagnos ...more

"Four Seeing" Promotes Ducks to Produce Eggs

A complete look at the egg-shaped egg shows that the duck has enough food and feeds, and the feeding and management are better. If the big end of the egg is small, it will be early food; if the small end is sharp, it will ow in the food. Second, look at the eggshell shell thin, trachoma or very r ...more

The best time and method for sesame dressing

The sesame grows most rapidly in the flowering and seedling stage. At this time, vegetative growth and growth and development go hand in hand, and the absorbed nutrients account for 70% to 80% of the entire growth period. As the application of nitrogen at the end of the seedlings is prolonged and ...more

New technology of mushroom cultivation

Japan's segment wood mushroom is a high quality and high price product in the international market and occupies an important position in its national economy. There are many places worthy of learning from Japan's section of Mushroom cultivation technology. The key points of Japanese Mushro ...more

How to use agricultural machinery to save fuel

1. The engine water temperature should be maintained at 85 ~ 95 °C. This section has the highest thermal and thermal efficiency and consumes the least amount of fuel. 2. Avoid idling or idling of the engine. If you park for more than 5 minutes, you should stop. 3. Try to work at full load. If ...more

Frog feed solution

At present, frog farming is more common, and the development of animal feed is an important part. Now introduce nine ways for the majority of farmers reference. 1, breeding quail. On the land in the bullfrog pool, put cow dung, rotten fruit, washed rice water, etc., mix with the soil, and put it ...more

Causes of apple rot fruit analysis

First, the basic situation of rotten fruit The occurrence of rotten fruit in the fruit tree cultivation is a normal phenomenon, there is no dirty fruit orchard, but it has a certain limit, beyond this limit is an abnormal rotting fruit. According to the specific natural conditions and current tec ...more