Fish meal quality identification method

Fish meal mixed with cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, urea, sand and other debris, its protein content will be reduced to 40%. (1) Sensory detection method: the standard fishmeal particle size is the same, and a large number of fish muscle fibers and a small amount of fish bone, fish scales, fish e ...more

Common sense of solenoid valve selection

Common sense of solenoid valve selection Applicability The fluid in the piping must be the same as the medium calibrated in the selected solenoid valve series. The temperature of the helium fluid must be less than the calibration temperature of the solenoid valve sel ...more

Ganoderma lucidum active ingredient extraction method

Ganoderma lucidum active ingredient extraction method is determined by the nature of the active ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum active ingredients mainly include Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, ganoderic acid, adenosine, ergosterol, saponin, purine, pyrimidine, alkaloid, lacto ...more

Several experiences of fish and duck polyculture

I. Construction of fish and duck polyculture facilities (I) Pond Construction The pond should be chosen where there is sufficient water, good water quality and convenient transportation. Ponds are east-west, rectangular, with a width of 2-3:1, and the inner slope of the pool is 1:2-2.5. This typ ...more

Beef-feeding fast fattening technology for spring beef …

Jiaxiang County Livestock Husbandry Joint Development Center has been developing beef cattle breeding industry for more than 10 years. The breeding technology and experience are very rich. The following is a brief introduction of beef cattle breeding technology. For more information, please visit ...more

Water Conditioner (Maintain Your Pond Water Quality - W…

Water Conditioner (Maintain Your Pond Water Quality - Water Quality Conditioner) Water quality is the key to the success or failure of fish farming. How do you do daily maintenance work? You can use water conditioners, such as Golden Delicious water conditioners, as follows: The amount of water u ...more

Spring flowering geese goose

Spring is a good season for geese. Brooding geese should master the following technical points. 1. Prepare before entering the chicks. (1) Thoroughly clean the brooding house, playground and surrounding environment, and prepare thermal insulation equipment and interior fences. (2) Thoroughly steri ...more