Shellfish dry goods processing technology

There are hundreds of seafood shellfish, and the main economic types used to be processed into dried products include scallops, mussels (dried mussels), dried husks (dried hairs), dried squid, dried squid and so on. Mussel processing technology is introduced as follows: 1 Selection of ingredients: ...more

White Stork Breeding White Stork Breeding Technique

The white pelican was found in the field of Heilongjiang in the late 1970s, and later appeared in the descendants of the rearing pupae, belonging to the mutation phenomenon of the hair color genetics. After being cultivated and studied by the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of ...more

Horseshoe diseases and pests and their prevention

1. Major diseases and pests and their control The major pests and diseases of horseshoe stems include stalk blight, wilt disease, stalk rot, sclerotinia, sclerotiorum, botrytis, bulbous brown rot and bulbous stem rot. (1) The stalk blight is commonly referred to as horseshoe temperature. The stalk ...more

Use of tractors in winter should pay attention to what

After using the tractor in winter, be sure to release cold water in time to prevent freezing of the body. If you forget to let the cooling water and freeze the body, you can use the following measures: First, look for cracks 1. Put charcoal in the lower part of the engine and bake it slowly. Do no ...more

Osmanthus twig cutting cutting seedlings

Osmanthus is a deciduous tree evergreen tree. The branches and leaves are green and graceful. They are fragrant and fragrant when the flowers are open, and are fragrant and fragrant. The flower is edible and refined. It is an important garden and economic tree species in China and has high ornament ...more

Winter collection of agricultural machinery to "se…

First, prevent iron parts from rusting. In particular, thin-walled iron parts, such as iron pipes for pumping water pipes, should be removed in winter and cleaned, painted with anti-rust paint, stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse, and then installed and used until spring eve next year. Other iro ...more

Pineapple fruit peel

The processing of pineapple and fruit peel is similar to the processing of hawthorn cake and mango peel, but due to different raw materials, the finished product has different flavors. The processing technology is as follows: 1. Raw material treatment: Take 8-9 mature pineapple, through peeling, w ...more