How to Effectively Prevent and Control Whole Wheat Eros…

The whole wheat rot disease is caused by seeds or soil bacteria. After sowing of wheat, it is very important that the germs begin to infiltrate the roots of wheat in November, and it is important to prevent and pay attention to the dynamics of full-blown wheat in advance. Rotational rotation inve ...more

Differences and Prevention of Main Diseases in Cucumber…

The leaves of cucumber seedlings are delicate, weak in disease resistance, coupled with poor ventilation and seed bed ventilation, and high humidity, which can easily cause bacterial blight, anthrax, etc. Since anthracnose, blight, and bacterial diseases have similarities, downy mildew and bacteri ...more

Two New Perspectives on Raising Rabbits

The female rabbits are a scourge and raise rabbits. The phenomenon of female rabbits often occurs. Many people think that it is caused by the lack of certain nutrients in the female rabbit. Actually, according to investigations and practical observations, it is found that a considerable number of ...more

On the comparison of the advantages of labeling machine

On the comparison of the advantages of labeling machine Clicks:277 Release time:2010/4/1 Comparison of equipment advantages and detailed description of the servo system <br>In the low-speed labeling equipment, the stepping motor is generally used. The stepping motor has ...more

Early spring goose go 4

Feeding early spring geese, generally feeding 60 to 70 days, the average weight of 2.5 kg or more, that is, to mention the morning market, in order to improve the breeding efficiency. The main feeding technical measures are now introduced as follows. First, the breeding of goslings. When introduci ...more

Seeder field work ten note

First, according to the requirements of the user's manual, the seeder is installed and adjusted to meet the technical requirements; The second is to look at the plots before sowing, such as plot size, ground shape, concentration, and obstacles, so that they know what to do to ensure job quali ...more

The effect of Rose Original Dew (Pure Dew)

The effect of Rose Original (Lulu) Gold H Baby Natural Bulgarian Rose Water In addition to the most pleasant fragrance, there are hundreds of nutrients that are beneficial to human health, such as multivitamins, glucose, fructose, and lemon. Acid, malic acid ..., a large number of triterpenoids ben ...more