Techniques for holding ponds in Macrobrachium rosenberg…

With the declining temperature, many farmers have shown higher efficiency, and the use of the shrimp from Macrobrachium praecox developed in large pools has been moved into plastic greenhouses or simple greenhouses. Although this method is more convenient in form, improper operation may result in ...more

Most of the agricultural areas in the next three days w…

China Xingnongwang reported on October 11 that recently, most of the country’s agricultural areas had better weather conditions, and the autumn harvest progressed rapidly. According to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, as of October 10, the harvested area of ​†...more

China's medical device market develops rapidly, Hit…

In response to the growing demand for medical devices in emerging countries , the new plant of Hitachi Medical Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony in Suzhou Industrial Park on September 19. After the completion, the new Suzhou plant will become Hitachi Medical ...more

Corn Combine Troubleshooting

Before the “three autumns” approach, agricultural machinery drivers should conduct comprehensive technical maintenance on the units in time before they go out. This will enable the units to maintain a good state of technology, reduce malfunctions, increase operating efficiency, and ext ...more

Thinking behind the fake ocean brand milk powder

In recent days, due to the frequent occurrence of domestic milk powder safety incidents, some citizens have begun to choose to purchase online. Although they will pay more for this, many people still say that it does not matter if you want to pass quality. However, it is hard to say whethe ...more

Isolation of retinal pigment epithelial cell

Isolation of retinal pigment epithelial cell The pigmented layer of retina or retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) is the pigmented cell layer just outside the neurosensory retina that nourishes retinal visual cells, and is glycol attached to the underlying choroid and overlying retinal visual cells. ...more

Those things like "drainage oil"

On September 13, 2011, the Ministry of Public Security successfully cracked down on a case of using cooking oil for the production and sale of cooking oil. As a result, "oil waste" once again into the people's attention. What is it? Drainage oil refers to all kinds of infe ...more