Keep in mind five ways to avoid buying hormone fruit

It is understood that there are more and more vegetables and fruits in the morning market. Most of these fruits and vegetables are harvested before they reach maturity, and a large number of chemical hormones such as swelling agents, redners and ripening agents are used before they are put on sale ...more

Pig semen quality inspection

After semen is collected, it should be quickly placed in a constant temperature water bath at about 30°C to prevent a sudden drop in temperature causing a cold attack on the sperm. The action is required to be rapid, the sampling is representative, the evaluation result is sought to be accurate ...more

Tractor Lubrication "Three Bogeys"

Do not add too much oil in the engine oil pan, exceed the upper scale of the oil scale, the oil is easy to break into the combustion chamber, so that the exhaust pipe spray blue smoke. This will not only increase the consumption of oil, but also the incomplete combustion of the engine oil will pro ...more

Study shows that the risk of death on birthday is the h…

Birthdays are certainly the most celebrated moments of your year, but the latest statistical research shows that this is also likely to be the last day in your life. According to the British "Guardian" recently reported that a study of 2.4 million people showed that the highest r ...more

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of dry h…

Dry heat sterilization problem 1. Open the door for 100-level purification hot air circulation bellows: 1, usually using 250 ° C, the time is not less than 45 minutes; 2, at 250 degrees, 1min, FH = 30.3; 3, then 45 minutes, its FH value is 30.3 * 45 = 1363.5; 4, then is it greater than the ba ...more

High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Kidney Bean in …

Kidney beans are thermophilic heat-resistant vegetables, and the optimum temperature for plant growth is 20-30°C. As the summer and autumn cultivation, when flowering and scab are in high temperature season, the temperature often exceeds 30°C, which adversely affects the growth of cowpea and ...more

How old tree rejuvenation

1. Stopping the application of raw fertilizer in orchards, including unfermented chickens, ducks, pig manure etc. For some microorganisms, the organic bacteria strains were screened for the effect, and special strains of high quality bacteria were selected to ferment and produce microbial organic ...more