Men must know after 20 diet taboo

20-35 years old The first priority: care for reproductive function Foods rich in vitamin A should be in moderation: Vitamin A helps boost immunity, protects eyesight, and prevents cancer. An adult man needs to take 700 micrograms of vitamin A daily, and the excess is harmful to the body. Foods c ...more

Rationally preparing the piglet's intestinal health

In modern swine production, piglets are generally weaned at 21 days or 28 days of age. At this time, the intestine is not yet fully developed. The weaning piglets and the subsequent piglet nursery materials after weaning need to be reasonably prepared through certain technical means. Promote the i ...more

When meat ducks are best for slaughter

Under normal feeding and management conditions, meat ducks are raised to 6-7 weeks of age, weighing about 3 kg, and can be listed when their feathers are almost uniform. However, the price of meat ducks listed often varies according to market demand in different seasons and different time to marke ...more

To deal with women's complex dietary recipes

When a woman was 30 years old, her skin condition began to decline. Her complexion was dull, dark and dull. Together with chloasma, freckles, and dark spots... all began to appear on the face that was once naturally bright. Instead of choosing which expensive skin care product to choose, it's ...more

Drink 6 anti-aging drinks daily

Drink drinks and learn big. The latest article published in the U.S. "Yourself" magazine summarizes six scientifically proven anti-aging drinks. Corresponding to drinking different beverages at different times of the day, it can effectively fight against aging and keep young. 1. Get a g ...more

The three magical uses of salt in pigs

Core Tip: The following is a recommended remedy for treating pig diseases with salt, hoping to help pig farmers. Salt, also known as table salt, is indispensable in people's lives. Do you know the role of salt? The role of salt is very wide, such as sterilization, dental care, beauty, cleansi ...more

Autumn moist recipe: 8 delicious dishes

Ear mushroom Ingredients: water tremella, fungus, winter aunt each 100 grams, 150 grams of lean meat, chicken soup amount, rice wine, sesame oil, salt, starch, a little different. Production: Put the ingredients on the dish and put it in the pan. Set it on fire and cook it with chicken broth or ...more