Brown Liw Cutting Branches for Rapid Seedlings

Brown Lee is a high-grade plum variety introduced into China in recent years. It has the characteristics of individual (80-200g single fruit weight), strong adaptability, delicate fruit flesh, rich flavor, and fruit storage and transportation. It is deeply favored by growers and consumers. At prese ...more

Common pests

The common insect pests are horned wax pods, apple pods, and red spiders. (1) Horn wax. The nymphs and adults of this worm concentrate on the leaves and branches to absorb the flower juice, causing the tree vigor to weaken, affecting the photosynthesis of the flowers and increasing the degree of d ...more

Bad residue to feed the right amount of pig

The use of bad residue instead of part of compound feed to feed pigs can reduce feeding costs. However, if the amount of bad slag is too much, it will affect the weight gain and feed remuneration of pigs and extend the slaughter time. According to the test results, the amount of bean curd residue f ...more

High yield of mushroom spray potato juice

After peeling the potatoes, the juice is squeezed and diluted 25 to 30 times. After spraying the mushroom mycelium with the culture medium, spray once a day for 3 to 5 days. Mushrooms will be generated in large quantities and exposed quickly. Material, fast growth, large mushroom body, mushroom mea ...more

How to cultivate fish species

Fish species can be divided into fry and fingerlings depending on the stage of growth. Freshly hatched fish from fish eggs are called fry. After several stages of fry cultivation, the body gradually grew up and was called a fingerling. The development of fingerlings from fry generally takes three s ...more

How to increase the hatching rate of ostriches

(A) Scientific feeding and management 1. Full price balanced nutrition. The nutritional level of ostriches is the basic factor affecting the hatching rate. The requirement for metabolic energy in the breeding period of ostriches is 11.3 kJ/kg, crude fat should be limited to 6%--8%, protein is 18%-- ...more

The "three look" principle helps you choose t…

At present, Chinese medicine and other granular products meet the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people because of their convenience and good efficacy. Data show that from 2006 to 2017, the national sales of traditional Chinese medicine formula pellets increased fro ...more