Checking the nutritional efficacy of Qiu Li

Nutritional value Pear, sweet and slightly acidic, cool, into the lungs, stomach; with Sheng Jin, Runzao, heat, phlegm, hangover role; for fever caused by yin deficiency or dry cough, thirst, constipation Symptoms can also be used for polydipsia, cough, and jaundice caused by internal heat. Pear ...more

Autumn fruit solution Qiuzao but should not eat more

After the autumn, a batch of batches of autumn fruits were continuously launched on the market, and there were many fruit selections. In addition to the dry autumn weather, eating some sweet and throaty fruit is the most nourishing. However, there are many fruits in the fall, but as the saying goe ...more

Eating these 4 colors of fruit can shake off the oil

One, orange Orange's representative fruits are lemon, mango, orange, papaya, persimmon, pineapple, orange, etc. They all contain the natural antioxidant β-carotene. This is by far the most effective ingredient for preventing viral activity and can improve the body's immune function. T ...more

The spring rain is full of humidity and the grapes are …

Spring is the best season for planting trees, and the grapes are planted at the same time. Recently, the scientific and technical personnel of the Haiyan County Agricultural Research Institute visited the Qinshan Wan'ao Vineyard and other places many times to go to the countryside to guide the ...more

A good way to rectify the winter hen flock

In winter, the climate is cold and the sunshine hours are short. Usually the egg laying rate of laying hens declines or even stops production. In order to make the laying hens produce high-yield and stable winter, the farmers should carry out timely rectification of the flock. Reorganize the floc ...more

Why do you need to add sodium bicarbonate in fattening …

There are three benefits: 1. Adding sodium bicarbonate to a pig feed that lacks lysine can compensate for the deficiency of lysine. The disease is conducive to the digestion and absorption of crude fiber, so that the pig is long and fleshy and has a rapid weight gain. 2, sodium bicarbonate can n ...more

Excavation fish pond attention å•¥

1. When you choose to develop a fishpond site without drought or drought, you must fully consider the protection of long-term clear and dry conditions and long-term rains. At the same time, the source of water is sufficient and can be poured at any time, and the water quality is good without pollu ...more