Prevent purple red eggplant from turning red

Recently, many purple long eggplants in the greenhouse have faded in color, affecting selling prices. The author's analysis believes that the change of purple long eggplant to red color is mainly caused by rising temperatures, strong lighting, and improper fertilization. To avoid the purple lon ...more

How to identify poison mushrooms?

The only way to correctly understand the poisonous mushroom is to understand its external shape, internal structure, and ecological habits from the perspective of biological traits. It is difficult to explain in one or two sentences. A certain method can only identify one kind of poisonous mushroom ...more

Seedling Breeding Techniques of White Peony Pine and Ch…

Huaining County, Anhui Province Pengcheng Plastic Factory Long-term production and sales of cellular seedling bags, free supply of Pinus tabulaeformis, Pinus bungeana seedlings breeding technology, Contact: Wang Yang, Tel. 13074006281. Fax. Seedlings of Pinus bungeana have the advantages of savi ...more

The Occurrence and Control of Jiangyan

Jiang Yu, also known as ginger corruption, is a devastating disease that seriously affects the production of ginger. In recent years, it has become increasingly serious in the main producing areas of ginger, with losses of 25%-35% and serious losses of more than 50%. First, the occurrence of sympto ...more

How to prevent the main diseases of edible fungi

The most common and harmful bacteria of edible fungi are more than 20 species of Trichoderma, Streptomyces, Mucor, Aspergillus, Penicillium, and bacteria. Trichoderma Trichoderma commonly known as green mold. Almost all edible fungus can be harmed, and its harm to edible fungi is as follows: (1) ...more

Cucumber production

2500 grams of fresh cucumber, 250 grams of salt, 1000 grams of sweet sauce Production Method 1. Fresh cucumbers are washed and air-dried. Then fill the pot with a layer of cucumber and a layer of salt in order, pickle it for 15 days, and pour it once a day. 2. Remove the salted cucumber, soak i ...more

Putting out an insect net at the outlet

After the summer, the outside temperature rises. In order to ensure the temperature in the shed, greenhouses often open vents day and night. This year, the weather is relatively dry and there are many pests. With the arrival of summer, the peak period of pest growth and reproduction has also come. ...more