Eating these 4 colors of fruit can shake off the oil

One, orange

Orange's representative fruits are lemon, mango, orange, papaya, persimmon, pineapple, orange, etc. They all contain the natural antioxidant β-carotene.

This is by far the most effective ingredient for preventing viral activity and can improve the body's immune function. The orange pigment in citrus fruits also has anti-cancer effect, and its effect may be stronger than that of β-carotene.

In addition, as a protective factor for the heart, vitamin C and folic acid, which are commonly found in green leafy vegetables, are also abundant in yellow fruits.

Second, red fruit

Red fruits include tomatoes, pomegranates, and the like. Their roots are carotenoids and have antioxidant effects. It can scavenge free radicals, inhibit the formation of cancer cells, and improve human immunity.

In addition, due to the fact that the red fruits contain a lot of calories, they are often healthy and light.

Three, purple and black fruit

The purple-black fruit contains proanthocyanidins that can eliminate eye fatigue. This ingredient also enhances blood vessel elasticity and prevents cholesterol accumulation. It is the best ingredient for cancer prevention and arteriosclerosis. It represents grapes, blackberries, blueberries and plums. Compared to light-colored fruits, purple-black fruits contain more vitamin C, which can increase the body's resistance.

In addition, the contents of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium in purple-black fruits are also higher than in ordinary fruits. These ions are mostly present in fruits in the form of organic acid salts and play a crucial role in maintaining the body's ion balance.

Fourth, green fruit

Green fruits, such as green apples, contain lutein or zeaxanthin, and their anti-oxidant effects can protect the retina from damage and protect eyesight.

In addition to color, we should also consider our own constitution when choosing fruit.

Body heat should be eating pears, bananas, watermelons, melons and other cold fruits; physique chilly should eat lychee, longan, cherries, chestnuts, etc.; myocardial infarction, stroke patients should eat bananas, oranges, peaches, etc. to help digestion Fruit, should not eat persimmon, apples and other fruits containing more tannic acid; coronary heart disease, high blood fat patients should eat hawthorn, citrus, grapefruit and other fruits containing vitamin C and niacin, can reduce blood fat and cholesterol.


Here are general instructions on how to use a nebulizer:

Put the compressor on a flat surface where it can safely reach an outlet.
Check to make sure all the pieces are clean.
Wash your hands before prepping the medication.
If your medication is premixed, place it in the container. If you need to mix it, measure the correct amount, and then place it in the container.
Connect the tube to the compressor and the liquid container.
Attach the mouthpiece or mask.
Turn on the switch and check to see that the nebulizer is misting.
Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your mouth around it or put the mask securely over your nose and mouth, leaving no gaps.
Slowly breath in and out until the medicine is gone. This may take five to 15 minutes.

Keep the liquid container upright throughout the treatment.


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