A good way to rectify the winter hen flock

In winter, the climate is cold and the sunshine hours are short. Usually the egg laying rate of laying hens declines or even stops production. In order to make the laying hens produce high-yield and stable winter, the farmers should carry out timely rectification of the flock.

Reorganize the flock in time. Egg production capacity increases with age. Each year about 15% reduction, from the economic point of view, laying hens use the majority of the 1-2 years more cost-effective.

Therefore, in order to facilitate feeding and management, and maintain a high level of production, before the laying hens are raised in the same year, chickens in the same group of chickens that are thin, diseased, have poor growth, and have malignant fleas are to be reared or eliminated. For the continued use of an egg production year, low-laying layers that eliminate moulting in advance should be taken during reorganization, only healthy high-yielding layer chickens should be kept, and artificial forced moulting should be implemented.

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