Autumn fruit solution Qiuzao but should not eat more

After the autumn, a batch of batches of autumn fruits were continuously launched on the market, and there were many fruit selections. In addition to the dry autumn weather, eating some sweet and throaty fruit is the most nourishing. However, there are many fruits in the fall, but as the saying goes, "eat less and have more bad tastes, eat more bad belly," and everyone should also exercise restraint when eating fruit.

Just in the fall, Qiu Guo will be listed on the source, a variety of varieties, because of its rich nutrition, delicious taste, excellent food and medicine, everyone wants to taste first. However, eating Qiu Guo is not always better. If you eat too much food or overeating, you will also become ill. You should not belittle when you are “full of delicious food”. The following is the introduction of 7 kinds of autumn fruit.

Apple: Juice can stop diarrhea, eat on an empty stomach to cure constipation, eating after meals can help digestion. However, apples are rich in sugars and potassium salts, excessive intake is not conducive to heart and kidney health, suffering from coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis, and diabetes, should not eat more.

Pear: With cough, phlegm, and dryness, it has good effect on treating cough, wind-heat, pharyngitis, etc. Due to the cold, spleen and stomach Deficiency, vomiting diarrhea, fecal diarrhea should be cautious; due to high sugar content, excessive blood sugar will increase, so diabetics eat less.

Citrus: Contains a large amount of carotene, which is converted into vitamin A when it enters the bloodstream. It accumulates in the body and causes yellowing of the skin. This results in "carrotemia", commonly known as "orange disease", followed by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and fatigue Other symptoms. After suffering from "orange disease", you should eat more vegetable oil and drink plenty of water to speed up its dissolution, transformation and excretion.

Persimmon: Contains large amounts of vitamins A, C, and tannic acid, which are rich in nutrients, such as antihypertensive, hemorrhagic and gastrointestinal, and lung-inducing and fluid-strengthening. However, it contains a large amount of persimmon phenols and pectin, and meet with stomach acid will be condensed into a fibrous mass, that is, "gastric persimmon stone", causing stomach cramps pain, indigestion. Because pectin has astringent effect, constipation is not eaten. In addition, it is not appropriate to take it on an empty stomach, and it is even more inappropriate to eat it like crabs and hawthorn.

Pomegranate: Contains a lot of fructose and a variety of vitamins and minerals, sweet and warm, as hot and humid fruits. Pomegranate has curative effect on dysentery, prolapse and pharyngitis, but physically weak and yin deficiency and hyperthermia are cautious on food; it is also not recommended to eat fresh fruit from the beginning of diarrhoea and hot and humid. Even ordinary people should not eat more food, eat more teeth, and make people anorexia. .

Water chestnuts, quails: Many people eat raw water chestnuts with a mouth, skin, eat oysters are not peeling, so without pasteurization, it is very easy to infect ginger patch disease. Ginger worm body hypertrophy, observed under the microscope is like cut ginger, parasitic in the human body into the small intestine, resulting in malnutrition, weight loss and anemia, etc., greater harm to children. In addition, the two are cold and slippery, and ordinary people should not eat too much; the spleen and stomach, cold stools, diarrhea, and kidney yang deficiency should not be taken.

Chestnut: Contains starch, protein, crude fiber and a variety of vitamins, sweet and warm, sweet and refreshing, with a reputation of “king of fruits” and “woody grain”. Chestnut is good for kidney, spleen and liver, and regulates gastrointestinal function. Chinese medicine calls it "kidney fruit," especially for those with kidney disease. However, chestnut is solid, raw food is difficult to digest, and cooked food is easy to stagnate and accumulate food. It should not be eaten at one time. Chestnut has an anti-diarrhea effect, constipation is not eaten, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms.

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