Several problems that should be paid attention to in the rational use of breeding boar in intensive pig farms

The proper use of breeding boars will help extend the useful life of the species. Improper use not only shortens the useful life of the species, but also increases the breeding costs of breeding pigs. To maximize the role of excellent boars, attention should be paid to the following issues.
1 Selecting the appropriate breeding period for the first age and weight will help improve the utilization value of boars. Early use will affect the growth and development of boars and shorten their useful life. Late breeding can cause boar loss of libido, affecting normal breeding, or even loss of breeding ability, and excellent boars cannot be used in time. The appropriate initial allocation period should be determined by variety, weight, and age. China's indigenous pig breeds are sexually mature earlier than foreign introduced varieties and cultivars. The initial mating age is 6-8 months old and the body weight is more than 60 kg. It is advisable to introduce the varieties and cultivars with 8 to 10 months of age and a weight of 90 kg or more.
2 Sexual behavior and the adjustment of boars After sexual maturity, sexual behavior occurs, mainly in courtship and mating. Courtship performances are: unique movements such as arches, pushes, molars, mouth foam, smelling, etc.; unique sounds, such as incoherent, rhythmic, soft, squeaky; release of odor, such as The pheromone substance that is excreted from the foreskin has a pungent odor to stimulate the sow's sense of smell. Mating behaviors include crawling and ejaculation. Mating is an animal's instinctive behavior, but there are also some that are trained. Young boars lack the experience of initial breeding, and the mating behavior is incorrect. If any boar crosses the front of the sow during breeding, the boar should be adjusted. It is possible to mate the newly allocated boar with the estrus-producing sows, or to succeed; or to transfer the breeding site to the boar, so that the young boar can observe the correct mating behavior of experienced boars. When mating, some manual assistance should be given, such as correcting the climbing position, and helping the young boar insert the penis into the sow's vagina. After a period of study, the mating behavior will gradually improve.
In actual production, boars sometimes produce some abnormal sexual behaviors, such as masturbation of boars, normal climbing during mating, but they climb down and ejaculate on the ground. For boars to masturbate, they should be mated or mined regularly, given artificial assistance during mating, or ensure that daily exercise is expected to be corrected, and if repeated adjustments cannot be corrected, they should be eliminated.
In the initial stage of tune-up, try to use the gilts that are in estrus in order to train the small boars to climb. The tune-up should be done on a fixed, flat site, fasting between morning and evening, and 10 to 15 minutes each time is appropriate.
3 The use intensity of intensity should be reasonably arranged according to age and physical strength. If it is used excessively, it will lead to weakness of physical fitness, reduce breeding ability and shorten the service life. On the contrary, if the utilization is not enough, the body is fat and heavy, which also leads to low breeding ability. Older boars should be phased out and replaced. Summer breeding time should be arranged in the morning and evening when it is cool, to avoid hot noon; winter is scheduled to take place in the morning and in the afternoon when the weather is warm, to avoid the cold morning and evening. Don't feed within 1 hour before and after mating, do not rinse the pig with cold water, so as not to harm the health of the pig. In the non-matching season or when there are few breeding tasks, sperm collection should be conducted periodically (7 to 15 days) to maintain the boar's libido.
4 Nutrition and Feeding The boar's nutritional level and the amount of diet fed are related to the type of broiler, body weight, and breeding intensity. In the diet of boars, a certain amount of high-quality protein must be guaranteed. Special attention should be paid to the addition of animal protein feed and vitamins. The crude protein content should not be lower than 14%. When the frequency of breeding is high, 1 egg can be fed daily to maintain the boar's libido and good semen quality during the breeding period. At the same time pay attention to trace elements and vitamin nutrition. When Ca and P are insufficient, the number of abnormal sperms will increase, and the content of Zn will be insufficient. The testicle development of the reserve boar will be affected. Vitamins play an important role in the development of testis and in the improvement of semen species, especially vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E are particularly important. The boar's diet should have good palatability, and the volume should not be too large to prevent the boar from forming grass grass and affect breeding.
5 When the proportion of males and females adopts different breeding methods, the number of sows that each boar pays a year is different. If this is the case, a boar can bear the mating task of 25-30 sows at the time of sow's seasonal birth and concentrated breeding, with 2 litters per year and 2 matings per affection period. Among them, young boars have less burden; if they are bred all year round and are bred all year round, the number of sows that each boar can afford can be increased by about one time. If artificial insemination is used, the amount of ejaculate per boar is approximately 200 milliliters. Dilutions are determined based on the density of sperm and can be diluted more than 1 times. In the case of concentrated breeding, 80 to 100 sows can be affordable; 150 to 200 or more affordable. Improper proportion of male and female will cause boar's burden to be too heavy or too light. Overburdening will reduce the conception rate and reproduction rate. The burden is too light. Because of the lack of long-term use, the loss of libido will affect fertility.
6 The useful life of the boar is 2 to 3 years. The 3 to 4 years old is a good year. It is the best time for breeding and the annual turnover rate is 30%. In general breeding grounds, if properly used, well-fed, well-fed, healthy constitution, good lyrical condition, the service life can be properly extended to 4 to 5 years old, and in the breeding field, the shorter the life span is, to shorten the generation interval and accelerate the breeding process. ~2 years, the breeding life of special excellent boars can be extended.
7 General breeding sites for breeding sites should be close to the sow house and should not be close to the boar, because the odor produced during breeding will help stimulate the estrus of the sow. The breeding site should be flat and free of debris to avoid damaging the boar's limbs and affecting breeding. Pig farms with artificial insemination should have special breeding sites and be connected to the sperm collection laboratory.

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