Jinbao fermentation bed construction points

1. Construction of pig houses: The construction of a pig farm for pigs in the fermentation bed is very important. It can be modified on the basis of the original pig house. It generally requires that the pig houses should face south and south from east to west, with full lighting and good ventilation. The north and south can be opened. The net area of ​​each pigsty is usually about 20 m2 (according to the specific circumstances, but the pig house should not be less than 10m2), about 15 pigs can be kept, the pighouse wall is 3m high, and the roof is 4.5m high. The centrally facing south has a window that can be opened and closed freely. This will allow the microbes inside the pig house to grow and reproduce more appropriately, which is conducive to fermentation. The automatic feeder is built on the north side and the automatic water diverter on the south side.
2. Construction of the fermentation bed: The fermentation bed is divided into two modes: on the ground and underground. The underground fermentation bed should be excavated to about 50 centimeters. After the bedding is placed, it should be level with the ground. On the ground, it is necessary to build a low wall around. The fermentation bed can be used on the land surface, which can save money and ventilation. However, if the old house is cement floor, it will not be destroyed for a while, but it can be temporarily retained, but over time (usually a few months later) the area is too small. The pens may have accumulated water. At this time, emergency measures such as venting at the bottom of the hole, drying and drying the overly wet litter, and adding dried sawdust bedding may be adopted. Confinement should generally be closed. The north should be careful not to wet the pens on rainy days, and the south should be aware that groundwater cannot seep into the beds. Foundations that are too wet should take necessary anti-seepage measures.

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