Winter gourd cultivation of zucchini winter warm greenhouse

Before planting the zucchini, it is necessary to apply the base fertilizer, and then deep-leveling, ridging, according to the big line of 90 cm, 60 cm small rows, 55-70 cm planting distance colonization. Put the seedlings into the shallow ditch that has been opened, ridge from both sides of the seedling, reach 25-30 centimeters from the bottom of the ridge to the ridge, and reach 25-30 centimeters wide. Then the seedlings were watered and covered with mulch after 2-3 days. This process should pay attention to the following matters: 1 to apply the fertilizer once spread on the ground to deepen, and resolutely put an end to the chemical fertilizer, chicken manure applied to the planting ditch, to avoid burning and burning seedlings; It is required to be poured thoroughly. Do not open the tuyere while watering. When the temperature in the shed reaches 30°C, release the air to cool and dehumidify. 3 Use a 1.5m wide plastic film. The opening should be small and both sides should be tight. The mulch on the small ditch should be flat.

After the planting of the zucchini seedlings, has entered a pre-management stage, as long as the management is normal, the seedlings take root quickly, growing gradually. During this period, keep the temperature at 25-30°C during the day. In terms of operation, as long as the weather is clear, we must insist on exposing the straw cover early and let the seedlings receive more light. At the same time, the ground temperature should be maintained at 20-23°C to promote seedlings. After the easing period, the temperature should be lowered appropriately. The temperature should be maintained at 20-25°C during the day and 12-16°C during the night. At this time, it is necessary to prevent seedlings from becoming long. Slow seedlings to the pre-seedling stage, should be combined with water chase a reminder Miao Fei, topdressing 10 kg per 667 square meters of diammonium phosphate or a considerable number of similar chemical fertilizers. At the time of topdressing, it is required that the fertilizer be first dissolved into water and fully dissolved, and flushed under a small furrow film. If no severe drought occurs before sitting on the melon, water is no longer applied to encourage root expansion and sitting on the melon.

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