Pond management techniques

1. Pond construction: The pond should be close to the water source, and the area should be 200-400 square meters, with a water depth of 0.7-1 meters; the pool wall should be made of masonry, or it should be compacted with a triple soil, and the bottom of the pond should be compacted. It requires strong and durable watertightness; The inlet and outlet are stopped by wire or plastic mesh; the bottom of the tank is inclined towards the outlet for drainage and fishing. Leave 10 cm of water, use 50 kg of quicklime per acre plus bleaching powder 15 kg clear pond disinfection.
2, the kind of stocking: the best choice for loach (also known as real loach) or large scales vice loach breeding. Clear ponds were injected 20-30 cm deep after 7 days of disinfection. Apply base fertilizer to the sunny side of the pond and deepen the pool water to 40-50 cm. After 3 days, the locust species will be introduced, and 100-150 species of oysters will be planted with 3-5 cm per square metre of water, or 60-70 species of quails with 6 cm or more of body length.
3, feed feeding: set the table designated feeding, usually every morning and afternoon feeding 1st, the daily feeding amount of 5-10% in the pool loach body weight. The specific amount of feed to see the quality of water, weather, loach feeding flexibility. Water temperature is too high and thunderstorms can not be fed.
4, water quality regulation: According to the pool of fertilizer, reasonable fertilization, pool water control in the 15-20 cm, the water is yellow-green as well. When the water temperature exceeds 30°C, muddy mud will get into the mud to escape from heat, which may cause death due to lack of oxygen and suffocation. At this time, new water should be frequently added to regulate the water temperature and increase the dissolved oxygen content of the water. At the same time, the sunshading measures should be taken. Water hyacinth can be used. Aquatic shades such as duckweed. When the muddy swims to the surface of the floating head to “swallow”, it shows that there is lack of oxygen in the water. Fertilization should be stopped and new water should be injected in time. Deepen the water level in the winter to increase the water temperature and ensure that the loach is safely overwintering.
5, disease predator prevention: regular disinfection, do a good job "three elimination", that is, carcass disinfection, disinfection of the pond, food table disinfection. Found dead muddy fish immediately removed to prevent infection with other muddy, and timely treatment. Weeds were removed from the pool to maintain aquaculture environment and prevent frogs from intruding. We found that frogs captured in time to remove frog eggs. The water inlet was screened with a sieve to prevent wild fish from entering the pool with water. Birds were found in time. Drive away.

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