China's first capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence analyzer

Release date: 2008-05-04

China's first capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence analyzer is a capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence analyzer with independent intellectual property rights, high sensitivity, high stability and multi-parameter. It was successfully developed by the Changchun Yinghua Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Expert appraisal organized by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Experts believe that the instrument has filled the gap at home and abroad.
With the rapid development of the national economy and the substantial improvement of people's living standards, the analysis and research in the life sciences and the environment have attracted more and more attention, and the demand for corresponding analytical instruments has become more and more urgent. Electrochemical luminescence (ECL) detection, capillary electrophoresis technology and microfluidic chip analysis methods have been developed as new detection methods in recent years, which have the advantages of high sensitivity, high separation efficiency, and miniaturization, especially in basic scientific research. It has a good application prospect in biological and clinical analysis, and has been widely used in the fields of biological analysis and detection such as protein detection, immunoassay and DNA detection. However, the relevant patented technologies have been held in the hands of large foreign companies, and the specialized instruments produced are expensive.
Dong Shaojun, a researcher at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his research team take the national needs as their own responsibility, focusing on the important development direction of the development of electrochemical comprehensive analytical instruments. In January 2005, they undertook the special instrument of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Development and development of a chemiluminescence comprehensive analyzer. They cooperated with Xi'an Ruimai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to analyze the electrochemiluminescence, electrochemistry and other detection technologies, capillary electrophoresis (CE) and microfluidic chips in the existing research and accumulation of capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence detection technology. The organic combination of means, comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of each method and detection technology, complementary advantages, and further miniaturization and integration on the basis of this, to solve the key technologies such as detector design, device assembly, and multi-parameter combination in instrument development. After nearly three years of research, a capillary electrophoresis electrochemiluminescence analyzer with independent intellectual property rights has been developed.
The instrument adopts a brand-new design and is built as a multi-parameter analytical instrument. At present, there is no such instrument for sale at home and abroad. The instrument's versatile inspection platform combines conventional CE, chip CE, and electrochemical and ECL detection with miniaturization. Based on the WINDOWS operating system, the multi-window, multi-interface, multi-parameter, multi-control analysis components of the comprehensive chemical analysis and detection platform, the realization of the combination of analysis functions and simultaneous analysis. At the same time, they also established analytical methods and application systems that are compatible with the actual application of the instrument, and carried out a large number of basic research in biopharmaceutical analysis and clinical simulation applications; developed five new types of electrochemiluminescent probes, and applied them. In biomolecular detection and drug analysis; a series of new techniques for immobilizing electrochemiluminescent probes on the electrode surface have been developed, and various solid electrochemiluminescence detectors have been developed and applied to the microfluidic analysis system to achieve a series of innovations.
According to reports, the electrochemical comprehensive analytical instrument can be used for biomolecule detection and analysis of proteins, DNA, amino acids, clinical drugs, etc., and at the same time greatly reduces the cost compared with imported instruments commonly used in related fields, in biochemistry, medicine, clinical, immune, etc. Has a broader market prospects. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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