How to look rabbit feed

Rabbits of male rabbits must be kept in a condition that is neither fat nor skinny, that is, moderate lyrical, too fat or too thin to prevent normal breeding and breeding. Feed must maintain nutrient stability and dosing. On the day of feeding fine material 75 kg ~ 100 kg, 250 grams of green material, coarse material to meet the supply, eat it is appropriate. Spring and autumn breeding are heavy and must strengthen nutrition and improve semen quality.
The female rabbits maintain a moderate body condition during the period of empty arms, and overweight and overweight will affect the abortion. Feeling judgement: The spine bones are prominently protruding, the flesh is loose, which means that it is too thin. To the fuller muscles, it is not fat or thin to touch the bones. Feeding, feed about 75 grams of refined material, 250 grams of green material to 500 grams, coarse material to let it eat, concentrate material as rabbit fat increase or decrease.
Pregnant female rabbits first increase their green fodder after they become pregnant, and then gradually feed the concentrate, avoiding the shortage of green material and excessive concentrate. If the fetus is too large, it is easy to cause dystocia; lack of green material, vitamin deficiency, there will be abnormal freak. Therefore, the specific feeding amount should be determined depending on the size and number of the fetus. Hand touch: After about 10 days of being exposed to a meatball like rabbit excrement, the number of fine meats should be increased, and vice versa. Fat lean: After 15 days of pregnancy, if the female body is very thin, it means that the number of pregnant women is increased and the amount of concentrate can be increased. Obesity means fewer fetuses and less fine material. Feeding amount: Feeding fines at a daily rate of about 75 grams, and depending on the body condition, increase or decrease as appropriate. The amount of green material is 500 grams to 750 grams, increasing from less to more, and the raw material is not limited.
After lactating female rabbits give birth to sons, factor rabbits eat milk and eat a large amount, generally eat about twice as much as usual, and its feed quality is directly related to the health of the rabbits produced. Therefore, do not feed immediately after birth, should be 3 days to 5 days, then gradually increase. If the milk is enough, it can be delayed for a few more days. Judgment: Female rabbits have fewer postpartum hairs, less milk, and fullness indicates that the milk is enough. Touching the rabbit's head upwards means that there is less milk, the rabbit is hungry, the teat is black and the blood is scabbed, indicating that the milk is less; the rabbit is quieter Move, open rabbit hair, rabbit skin is shiny, full belly, indicating milk foot. In addition, there are too many urine rabbits, indicating that the amount of green feed too much, appropriate increase in fine material, reduce the green material; lack of green material and concentrate material too early in the lactation, female rabbits susceptible to mastitis, rabbits will discharge yellow urine, so The female rabbits should be given medicine to regulate milk. When the rabbit opened its eyes to the 24th day of age, because the female rabbit had a strong milk, the food intake of the rabbit increased, and the amount of the concentrate fed increased by 1 time, ie, 150 grams. When the rabbit reaches 400-500 grams, the full moon increases to 200 grams. The rabbits are weaned for 45 days. The concentrate is reduced to 75 grams from 3 days to 5 days before weaning. The green weight is reduced to 250 grams, and the weight is increased accordingly. material.
Weaned young rabbits with weaned young rabbits have poor digestion and require high nutrient requirements. They should be fed nutritious and easily digested forage. The amount of concentrate feed is gradually increased as the rabbit grows. To prevent disease, some antibacterial stomach and stomach medicines such as oxytetracycline, multi-enzyme tablets, food maternal and so on can be added. The amount of fine feed was 15 g on the first day, and then gradually increased to 100 g; the green feed was 250 g on a daily basis, and it was fixed for a long period of time, feeding less frequently, and the coarse material was gradually increased to make it more than sufficient.
Young rabbit
3 months to 7 months of age rabbits with strong digestion, large food intake, good feeding, green, thick, fine material to meet the supply, to eat eat well is not left is appropriate, avoid water shortage.

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