Fish and shrimp breeding water purification agent

The water quality of fish and shrimp breeding water purification agent is very important in the process of fish and shrimp farming. It directly connects the farmers' benefits. Many experienced farmers can judge the status of fish and shrimp by whether the water quality is good or bad, whether they get sick or whether they can “pan” or not. In addition to traditional methods (water injection, use of aerators, and application of lime), there is a new method of purifying water quality that uses a water quality regulator: Golden Baby microbial fertilizer. Jinbao microbial fertilizer contains a variety of functional microorganisms that can effectively decompose various harmful substances. When the water quality is over-fertilized, turbid, and low in transparency, appropriate amount of golden-born baby microbial fertilizer can be used to maintain water quality, prevent water quality from aging, promote the growth of plankton and prevent the occurrence of fish diseases. In addition, compared with the traditional method, the use of microbial fertilizer can also give fish and shrimp rich "natural" food. The function microorganisms in the golden baby microbial fertilizer can decompose water grass, residual feed, fecal waste, etc. to form the nutrient required for fish and shrimp for its consumption. After the application of the microbial fertilizer, the plankton in the water is multiplyed and the water in the pool is green or brown-green. The effect is very satisfactory. Details of the operation can be found on the website or inquiries.

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