Main technical measures for safe feeding and management of broilers in summer

The hot summer weather brought a strong heat stress to the flock, causing the broilers to show reduced feed intake, slower weight gain, decreased resistance, and increased mortality. Therefore, in order to improve the economic benefits of raising broilers in summer and eliminate the worst effects of heat stress on broilers, the management of summer broiler chickens must begin with measures to reduce the temperature, adjust the dietary structure, and strengthen comprehensive management. To overcome it, to obtain the greatest economic benefits. The specifics are:
First, take effective and effective measures to reduce the temperature of chicken coops in the summer. When the temperature exceeds the growth temperature of the broilers, open the doors and windows, install ventilation fans and other ventilation equipment, and reduce the housing ventilation by increasing the amount of air circulation. temperature. Conditions can also be set at the air inlet curtain system. The tiled house can be sprayed with cool water on the roof. The roof of non-insulated system is best to take the roof whitening measures to reflect the sunlight, thereby greatly reducing the temperature inside the house. The formula for white reflective paint is 9.1 kg of hydrated lime and 19.9 kg of water.
Second, adjust the structure of the diet and change the feeding method In weather conditions above 25°C, the feed intake of broilers will decrease by 1.5% for every 1°C increase in house temperature. Therefore, in hot climate conditions, we must first ensure the quality of the feed and adequate slots, appropriate to reduce the energy level, try to use plant protein instead of animal protein, reduce the broiler feed "greasy." Use full-price compound feed as much as possible to increase the palatability of broiler feeds, increase feed intake, and maximize the intake of broilers at cool times, thereby increasing the overall nutrient content of broilers. At night, the lights are properly adjusted to increase the excitability of the chickens, increase the number of night feedings to 4 to 5 times, and to maintain the exuberant appetite of the broilers by vibrating the drums and driving the flock.
Third, to ensure uninterrupted supply of fresh and clean drinking water The number of drinking fountains should be adequate, place a suitable height, evenly distributed, to ensure that every cub chicken can drink water, water temperature is appropriate to about 10 °C. During the dog days from 10 am to 5 pm, change the water every 2 hours, and clean and disinfect the water dispenser once a day.
Fourth, reduce the rearing density, reduce the temperature and speed up the heat dissipation summer broiler density is too large, is not conducive to the distribution of heat in the chicken house, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of heat failure in broilers, but also is not conducive to broiler chicken feed and drinking water, delay the growth of broilers . The reasonable stocking density of summer broilers should be reduced by 10% from the normal stocking density. In addition, the chickens should not be too large, each group should be about 300 or so.
Fifth, keep the litter dry, reduce the humidity of the broiler house The humidity of the summer house litter should be controlled at about 18%, the humidity will affect the heat dissipation, and the broiler feathers will be contaminated with dirt, causing broilers to suffer from breast cysts and echinococcosis. Fungal and friendly gas poisoning.
6. Adding anti-stress substances to reduce the effects of heat stress When broilers are under heat stress, appropriate amounts of vitamin C should be added to the broiler feed, or drinking anti-stress substances such as mung bean water.
Seven, with chicken disinfection, prevention of disease in broiled chickens in the summer, should try to adopt a scientific feeding method. Due to the influence of high temperatures in summer, the resistance of broilers to chickens is reduced, and it is very easy to induce the occurrence of diseases such as fall disease and staphylococcal disease in broilers. Therefore, in summer, broiler chickens are often sterilized with chicken sprays to completely and completely kill pathogenic microorganisms. When chickens are sterilized in summer, they should use a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, non-toxic side-effect, and highly-adhesive disinfectant. In the summer, chickens are used to disinfect the chickens, which can kill the pathogenic microorganisms and purify the air in the house. At the same time, the temperature of the house can be lowered by 4~5°C.

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