Earliness, Dwarf, Density-increasing Technology of Maize

Hebei Province is a large province of corn production and also a major consumer province. The annual corn planting area is about 38 million mu, which accounts for about 10% of the country's total, and ranks fifth in the country. It occupies an important position in the country's grain production, in order to strengthen corn production guidance. Accelerate the development of corn production in the province during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period and meet the growing consumer demand of the society. The key technical points are as follows:

First, choose tight varieties

Summer corn selection Zhengdan 958, Yandan 20 and so on. Spring corn Zhengdan 958, Dandan 9, Denghai 11, etc.

Second, do a good job of seed treatment

(1) Seed selection. The seed grain with large grain size and plumpness and variety characteristics was selected as seed, mechanical or artificial granulation was used to remove diseased grain, worm-eaten grain, damaged grain, mixed grain and impurities. The purity of seeds is not less than 98%, the clarity is not less than 99%, the germination rate is not less than 85%, and the water content is not less than 13%.

(2) seed coating or dressing seed dressing. Coating with Nongda 19 can effectively control corn seedling disease, corn smut and underground pests. Generally, 0.5 kg of seed coating agent is used to seed 25 kg of seeds, and seed dressing is conducted 3.5 days before sowing. When the seeds are mixed, stir and mix thoroughly to form a uniform film on the outer layer of corn seed.

Third, promote soil testing formula technology

As the density of planting varieties increases and the yield potential increases, the amount of fertilizers also increases accordingly. According to the soil fertility, nutrients, and target yield, scientific fertilization, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers, also requires the use of micronutrient fertilizers.

Fourth, early sowing

Early sowing can increase the effective accumulated temperature, extend the effective growth period of corn, make full use of fertilizer, water, light and heat resources, achieve full maturity and reduce grain moisture. It is one of the important measures to ensure high yield, stable production and high quality of summer corn. Promotion of no-tillage sowing techniques for maize. After the wheat is harvested by the combine harvester, wheat stalks are comminuted. After the wheat is harvested, the summer corn is rushed to early sowing. The southern and southern regions of China are broadcast before June 20, and the Suizhong region is completed before June 25. The amount depends on the grain size, generally about 2.5 kg, sowing depth 4.6 cm.

The spring corn area must seize the favorable opportunity for temperature rise, vigorously promote the mulching technology, and make full use of the existing planting equipment and water conservancy facilities, so as to achieve a seeding to achieve Miao Qi, Miao Quan, Miao Zhuang.

Fifth, strengthen seedling management

The central task of seedling management is to ensure that Miaoquan and Miaoqi promote the growth of underground roots, properly control the growth of shoots and shoots on the ground, and cultivate strong seedlings to lay a good foundation for strong stalks and large spikes.

(1) check seedlings fill seedlings. When seedlings are severely seedlings after emergence, full seed soaking of earlier varieties can be used to germinate and water can be replanted. When there are few seedlings, seedlings can be transplanted. It is best to use 3 leaves and 5 leaves to emerge secondary seedlings and strong seedlings. In the afternoon or after the rain, the soil is removed and watered after planting. In the case of individual seedling deficiency, two plants of the same size can be left at the ends of the seedlings at the time of seedling setting.

(2) and time seedlings, Dingmiao. In order to avoid crowding seedlings and compete with each other for fertilizer, water, and glory, it will help young seedlings grow robustly, cultivate strong seedlings, and plant seedlings during the 3rd leaf period, and remove weak seedlings, diseased seedlings, and self-inoculated seedlings. Seedlings grow to 4 leaves and 5 leaves when Dingmiao, Dingmiao is generally not later than the 6 leaves. When seedlings are set, seedlings should be kept strictly according to the prescribed spacing, and the head and side lines can be made denser in order to give full play to their marginal advantages. To retain strong seedlings, remove weak seedlings and weak shoots. Through seedlings, it is ensured that the seedlings are full, uniform, uniform, strong and have a given density.

(3) Proper close planting. On the basis of the original planting density, the number of acres increased by about 500, about 5,000 for early-shuttle dwarf varieties, about 4000 for middle-maturing varieties, and 3500-4000 for late-maturing varieties.

(4) Chemical weeding. After weeding, we can adopt “one kill and one kill” method before weeding. For plots with relatively few weeds left in the wheat field, we can adopt the “first seal and kill after killing” method before and after corn seeding; The weeds in barley fields can be divided into pieces and can be used as weeding methods after “killing” and “sealing”.

(5) Strengthen water and fertilizer management to promote early-onset seedling growth. Summer corn seedlings are short-lived and their development is fast. Seedlings should be managed as soon as possible to promote growth.

Six, do a good job in management

(1) Dressing. After the beginning of the jointing of corn, fertilizer should be promptly applied. Mu harvests 8.10 kg of urea, and the large bell mouth is followed by pregnant fertilization, and mu is used to recover 15-20 kg of urea.

(2) Watering. Summer maize jointing drought in time to water, promote the normal growth and development of summer corn, big bell mouth watering attack earliest time, the period of maximum water demand, we must ensure that the appropriate water and fertilizer supply, improve root water absorption capacity, increase leaf photosynthesis, promote A large number of secondary roots occur, which promote the normal growth and development of the male and female ears and ensure that there are many large spikes.

(3) Timely drainage in case of waterlogging. At the later stage of maize growth, the activity of the root system is gradually weakened, and encountering cocoons can seriously affect the growth of corn. Therefore, water should be drained in time for flood prevention.

(4) Prevent lodging. The lodging of corn in the middle and late stages is an important factor that limits the increase of maize yield. It can be used to prevent lodging by taking measures such as fertilization, seedlings, cultivator, soil cultivation and removal of small, weak and empty plants on the basis of reasonable close planting. Plant growth regulators are sprayed ahead of time on plots of high density and risk of serious lodging. It can be sprayed with 200 times liquid of 50% chlormethorine before the booting.

(5) timely treatment of pests and diseases. Diseases in the summer corn area mainly include leaf spot disease and dwarf mosaic disease. Control methods: In the one-leaf period of corn, mu with 1.5% of disease and disease II 800-1000 times liquid, spray once every 7.10 days, and even spray 2 times.

Insect pests mainly include: armyworms, aphids, sloughs, thrips, and swans. Control methods: Mu with 25% Huifeng Keji 40ml or 2.5% Huifeng Chrysantha Emulsion 25.30mi, watered 50 kg spray, or mu with 50% phoxim EC tooo ~ 500 times liquid spray. The control of the armyworm on the larvae before the third instar, when the heart leaves small spots medication.

VII. Delayed harvest

Summer maize in Hebei province is generally harvested early and has not fully exerted its potential for yield increase. According to local caloric conditions, postponing the harvest time of summer maize 7-10 days can increase the output of corn more than 50 kg. Therefore, when the corn matures normally, the leaves should be withered and loosened, the grain milk line disappeared, and the base layer should form a black layer, showing special luster, and be harvested. Mechanized harvesting should be used as far as possible to reduce harvest time and reduce labor intensity.


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