Zero-emission pig raising does not require flushing pigs

Zero-emission pig-raising does not require flushing of the pig house.
The newspaper Meizhou News (reporter Ye Shixin correspondent Chen Chaohua, Li Qizhi's photography report) Yesterday (9th), the reporter went into the pig farm of Zeng Yongsheng, a professional pig farmer in Maoyuan Village, Fanzhai Town, Fengshun County, and saw that the pigs were in a leisurely manner. In large pig-shops with thick sawdust and chaff, there are no sightings of the common workers in the pig farms holding water pipes to wash the barn, nor can they smell the smell of pig dung often found in ordinary pig farms. taste. Luo Meihong, the director of the Fengshun County Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, told the reporter that this is a new type of zero-emission ecological pig raising law that was jointly experimented and promoted by departments such as Meizhou City and Fengshun County Animal Husbandry and Animal Weapons Bureau, and achieved satisfactory results.
According to reports, the method of feeding golden vine microbial strains to decompose pig manure is added to the sheds made of chaff and sawdust etc. Since there is no need to wash the sheds, there is no pollutant discharge. The litter in the sheds 3 Once cleaned up in a year, it is an excellent organic fertilizer. The “Opinions on the Development of Pig Production in Meizhou City” implemented in May this year determined that RMB 1 million will be arranged each year to support the “zero-discharge ecological pig raising technology” and other ecological support. At present, the animal husbandry departments in Meizhou City and Fengshun County are actively experimenting to promote the “Zero Efficient Pig Raising Act”. Fengshun County will achieve the goal of zero-emission pig raising in more than 70% of pig farms within 5 years.
Zeng Yongsheng, who is in his 50s, told reporters that their brothers were involved in raising pigs for the first time. In October last year, under the guidance of technicians, they built a new bar with more than 500 heads and began to raise pigs with zero discharge. In February of this year, the first batch of 540 hogs were slaughtered, and the ratio of feed to meat was estimated to be 2.3:1 (2.5 to 2.8:1 for common methods), and each pig gained 140 yuan. Zeng Yongsheng said that because there is no need to wash the sheds and clean the litter, the day-to-day management of the pig farms depends on their brothers and two people, and the traditional method of raising pigs can only manage 200 pigs with a strong labor force.
Luo Meihong told reporters that usually 540 heads of pig farms need about 65 cubic meters of water per day, so water and pollutant discharge are two major constraints to pig rearing. The zero-emission pig-raising method can save water, electricity, and save labor because it does not require flushing and no discharge. In addition, the use of yeast and the increased activity of pigs make pigs healthier. Basically, they do not use antibiotics and the quality of meat is better.
It is understood that the current ecological farming in Meizhou has made considerable progress and has developed an environmentally friendly and sustainable development of animal husbandry. According to statistics from the local animal husbandry department, by the end of June, the city had 1,885,500 live pigs, with a total of 12.1393 heads. The total output of meat was 151,700 tons, an increase of nearly 10% over the previous year.

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