Postharvest Management Techniques for Rape

After the spring, the temperature rose and the rapeseed went into a vigorous growth period. In order to ensure the high yield of rapeseed, we must grasp the following “five preventions” in the spring:

Waterlogging. After the spring, the rain gradually increased, drainage and stain prevention is the top priority of the rapeseed spring tube. Therefore, after the spring, it is necessary to clean up the “three ditch” (main ditch, gutter, and ditch) and rule out the accumulation of water in the fields to eliminate waterlogging.

Prevent pests. The major diseases and pests of rape after spring are sclerotia, viral diseases, downy mildew and aphids, especially sclerotiorum is more common and seriously damaged. Disease prevention and control measures: First, deepen the “three ditch” to reduce the groundwater level; second, remove the old leaves from the lower part to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions; thirdly, in the early stage of disease, use 200 grams of diarrhea per acre, add 60 kg of water, or use 50% carbendazim 150 grams, add water 50 kg, spray control. The locust was found to be harmed and can be sprayed with 800-1000 times of 40% Dimethoate Emulsion.

Prevent lodging. Steady Application of fertilizer is the key to lodging. If the leaves of the plant are small and fine, the ammonium bicarbonate should be applied in an amount of 5-10 kilograms. However, you must not apply excessive amounts of fertilizer to prevent it from causing lodging.

Prevent premature aging. In the spring, rape grows in large quantities, and on the fields where the manure deficiency is insufficient, the leaf color before flowering is obviously yellow, and there is a lack of fertilizer and premature aging, 15-20 kg of ammonium bicarbonate is applied during the initial flowering period to prevent premature aging of defertilizer.

Air defense. Premature and nutritionally overgrown rapeseeds have a high percentage of open air. Therefore, during the bud stage and early flowering stage of rapeseed, 100 grams of borax per acre (first dissolved with a small amount of hot water) and 50 kg of water were sprayed once to prevent and control flowering and not to increase the seed setting rate and robustness. The role of strong grain.

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