What pests should be prevented during summer in fruit trees

The rot rot in July-August began to spread in the skin layer of the fruit tree to form surface ulcers. To this end, it was necessary to adhere to frequent curettage and disinfection, to clean out the scraped out of the garden, buried deeply, and be sick. Apply to the spot (generally, the rot must be clear liquid or 2 times the best smearing effect), at the same time, in the trunk, main branch and large lateral branches coated with drugs to remove the initial infection of the bacteria. Take care not to touch the leaves with liquid medicine, so as to avoid injury

In the early stages of the onset of ringworm disease and anthrax spirochete disease, brown spotted water spots were formed on the fruit surface, which quickly expanded to brown spots. In the early stage of anthrax, brown dots appear on the fruit surface, and after enlargement, the lesions are conically trapped in the flesh. Available 50% sulfur suspension 200 times or round rotten net 300 to 500 times or strychnine 300 times spray.

After 7 months, the average number of active pods per leaf should be controlled by 7-8 sprays. The commonly used agent is 20% dicofol emulsion 1000-1500 times, or 40% water phosphatidylcholine emulsion 2000 times, or 20%. Amitraz® emulsion 1000 times, or 4.5% beta-cypermethrin EC 2000 times with spider atrophy.

Peach-infested Pest-eaten Pest-eaten larvae are damaged by larvae and cause fruit development malformations, forming "herbs", "red bean paste" and so on. Commonly used agents are 50% killer pine emulsion 1000 times, or 2.5% kungfu 1500 times, or chlorpyrifos (import drug name is Benthin) 1000 times.

The golden silk moths in early July and early August are the key periods for the control of the second and third generation larvae of the golden moth, respectively. The use of 2.5% kungfu 1500 times liquid is better, and it can also prevent and treat peach borer.

If these diseases occur at the same time, they can be treated with fungicides plus insecticides and acaricides at the same time, ie 800 times carbendazim or 800 times or more than 800 times, plus 1500 times 2.5% kung fu or 1000 times chlorpyrifos or 2000 Beta-cypermethrin plus spider paralysis, plus 2000 times times the power.

Concentrated Powder

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