Green bean soup with a little salt

Professor Nan Qingxian of the College of Food Science and Technology at China Agricultural University said that because the body sweats more in the summer, you can often drink salty water, such as salt water, salt tea, and salt bean soup.

He said that the World Health Organization has given scientific advice on salt intake, which should not exceed 6 grams per person per day, but it can be increased in the summer.

The reason why these salty beverages are to be consumed is that Professor Nan believes that because it contains a large amount of sodium, potassium and other minerals, it can supplement people's loss of minerals caused by sweating. He said that if you simply add water after sweating, you will drink more and more thirsty, not only to achieve the purpose of replenishing water, but also may lead to increased body temperature, calf muscle spasms, coma and other "water intoxication" symptoms. In addition, it is best to add some sugar when drinking salt water to supplement the energy consumption of the body.

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