Different people how to choose breakfast

There are several major types of breakfast for modern people: bottle-family, food-family, sesame, vegan, and porridge. Is their breakfast scientific? This article will tell you how to eat is the best choice.

Trading company accounting Chen Jiamei's breakfast: eat toast pineapple bread, red bean bread, butter bread, and then drink a bottle of milk, and sometimes with coffee. Because of convenience and convenience, many families use this model for breakfast.


Toast bread looks "safe" and does not contain filling and less sugar. However, the bread should be delicious, the oil must not be less, especially the refreshing and refreshing milk toast, egg toast, etc., will make more oil when making. As for butter, jam, or peanut butter, which is spread on toast, the heat and fat of peanut butter is not low. There is another problem with butter: modern people think that animal fats are not good, and instead choose vegetable butter, but most commercially available vegetable butters are hydrogenated to form a trans fatty acid. "This fatty acid has been confirmed to be related to cardiovascular disease, and regular consumption is not good for health," explained Lin, a nutritional pharmacist at Shanghai Hongqiao Hospital. So in less than 10 am, your spirit may start to decline.


Children and adults over the age of two can switch to low-fat milk or skim milk to reduce total fat intake for a day. The amount of heat and fat in the stuffed bread is high. Don't eat it often. If you want to eat sweet, you may choose 1 tsp jam. In addition, it is advisable to change the spread of toast on a regular basis and avoid creaming (accumulating trans fatty acids), peanut butter (accumulating aflatoxin) or jam (cumulative sugar) every day, and applying less. With two slices of toasted peanut butter, cream or a low-fat cheese, a bottle of low-fat milk or yogurt is a more appropriate choice. If you have time, prepare some lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to eat and the nutrition will be more balanced.

Wang Lingling, who works in an advertising company, buys breakfast early in the morning at the convenience store next door to the company and eats while walking. This is her breakfast habit for several years. "Anyway, if you buy it, you can take it away. There are many things you can change and eat." Wang Lingling said. She sometimes eats rice balls with yogurt and sometimes chooses tea eggs or hamburgers.


Li Yuhui, a researcher at the Nanjing Nutrition Society, pointed out that the fillings on the rice balls, such as ham and chicken, are animal protein sources and have good quality. Although the meat content is small, but with a complete protein source of milk, this set of breakfast calories (about 370-420 calories) and protein intake is enough. If you choose a package of meat with milk, protein intake is no problem. She reminded that the sodium content of the rice ball is not low, especially for people suffering from high blood pressure.


Because of the different fillings, the oil content of certain rice balls is not too low. In order to reduce oil intake, it is recommended to use low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt. Some convenience stores have lettuce salad, you can buy a box, to meet the breakfast intake of vegetables, but less salad dressing. People who are not used to eating lettuce in the morning do not have to be stubborn, but try to make up for it in the middle of the dinner.

As more and more people approach Western breakfasts such as sandwiches and hamburgers, Zhang Yiwen, an editorial reporter at the magazine, has a soft spot for traditional sesame cakes and fritters with soybean milk. When she was a child, she used to eat fried dough sticks. “Looking at a small piece of dough turns into a long fritter. It's fun!” When I grow up, I feel that the fritters are too oily and not conducive to Jiankang, so I chose to bake or have rice balls for breakfast.


Is the oil content of the biscuit really less than the fritter? Dietitians may not think so. "Invisible fat is the most terrible," said Zhao, the Guangzhou Nutrition Society. The sesame seed cakes, fried dough sticks, egg cakes, radish cakes, and fried dumplings sold in soya-bean milk stores have high fat problems. However, when oils like oil fritters and egg cakes are visible on the surface, everyone will be vigilant when they eat them, but most people often eat sesame cakes, thinking that broiled cakes are roasted, the surface is not shiny, and the amount of calories and fats is relatively small. However, this is not necessarily the case. Mr. Zhao said, “The reason why pancakes are crispy and delicious is that they are made with a lot of oil.” The calories of a pancake are about 230-250 calories, of which about 25% of the calories come from fat, plus the soybean milk. It is also a medium-fat food. The amount of fat in this combination is really high. As for rice balls, the amount of calories and fat is higher. A medium-sized rice ball has a calorie of 550 calories or more. The calories from fat account for about 47% of the total calories. If you use a cup of soymilk or milk, the total calories exceed 700 calories, which is more suitable. Heavy workers occasionally eat.


This type of breakfast is high in calories, high in fat, and it is best to eat less. It should not be more than once a week. The lunch and dinner must be as light as possible. Do not eat fried, fried, fried food. This kind of breakfast lacks vegetables, so you have to add more meals in the other two meals. Fruits are eaten according to personal habits. When eating sesame seed bread or fritters, it is recommended to mix it with milk instead of rice milk, because rice milk is still rice products and the quality of the protein is relatively poor. The sesame seeds sprinkled on the sesame cake usually cannot be chewed by us. After swallowing, the sesame seeds stick to the stomach wall, which can easily cause stomach pain in some people and may even cause inflammation of the stomach. Please be careful when eating.

Retirement of old porridge

Qing porridge and small family are mostly old people.

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