To make grape seedlings strong, summer and autumn management is the key

Practice has proved that the key to nurturing strong seedlings is to do a good job of management in summer and autumn.

One, branch management

1. The young shoots of the seedlings of the young seedlings grown in the middle of July are 40-50 cm long. Some seedlings have several new shoots or a few shoots of new shoots. They must be promptly wiped out and a robust new one must be kept. Tip.

2. When the tip of the grape seedlings grows to about 50 centimeters, it starts picking the heart. After the picking, the sub shoots are all erased except for the top one. When the tip of the tip of the tip grows to 6 leaves, leave 3 leaves topping. All the tips on the tip were erased.

3, the new shoots on the seedlings of high-grade grape varieties can be put up to 1.0-1.5 meters, such seedlings must be tied. You can insert a bamboo raft every 3-4 meters between two rows of seedlings, and apply 2-3 thin iron or nylon ropes. Two bamboo poles pull one line each. Attach the two rows of seedlings to the wire or nylon rope between the bamboo baskets. If the seedlings are relatively thin, one bamboo shoot may be tied to each new seedling shoot.

Second, water, fertilizer, soil management When the seedlings grow to 8 leaves, 15-20 kg of urea per acre, 15 days after the Shi Shi, generally applied 3 times. The root dressing was divided into two sub-floods. In the summer, 0.5% urea was sprayed with spray and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate was sprayed in the autumn.

Before the grape cuttings sprout, water is usually poured every 7 days. After the new shoot grows to 10-20 cm, water is poured every half month. After the new shoots grow to 30-40 cm, they will be poured every 20 days. If seedlings don't come out of the garden before winter, they must be poured with winter water. Every time you topdress, you should water it. When the new shoot grows to 7-8 leaves, the hybrid seedlings can be recognized and rooted. Different grape varieties should be marked with bamboo and inserted in different varieties.

After the grape seedlings fall out of the plant, they should not leave the nursery immediately, because this is the process in which the nutrition continues to be stored in the roots. In the "small snow" before and after the exit is more appropriate. There are many plastic mulches in the nursery gardens. Generally, no cultivators are needed to remove the weeds. Remove earthworms and weeds on both sides after each watering.

The diseases of grape seedlings are mainly downy mildew and black pox, and the pests are mainly cotton bollworm, beet armyworm and grape moth. Can be sprayed on the integrated pest control. When the seedlings grow to 8 leaves, spraying is started, 50% carbendazim 500 times can be sprayed once, and 80% spray gram 600-800 times can be sprayed after half a month. After topping the seedlings, spray a 1:0.7:200 Bordeaux mixture. If downy mildew is found, spray 600 times Kepo 600 times, or 80% ED 300-500 times. In the autumn, the Bordeaux mixture is mainly 1:1:180 or 1:1.5:180.

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