Four benefits of cold tea

Since ancient times, China's tea culture has been hot water tea and smells good. Nowadays, in Japan, South Korea and other places, there is an upsurge of cold-water tea.

Experts have found that brewing tea with cold water not only allows tea to release more catechins, but also lowers caffeine content. Soak up the good cold tea, simple and convenient, suitable for busy office workers, office workers, classes, driving families.

â–  What is cold tea?

The traditional tea culture is mostly made of hot boiled water, which can not only enjoy the elegant fragrance of tea, but also taste the sweet and mellow taste of tea. It is also a kind of leisure and hobby.

The so-called cold tea, that is, brewing tea with cold water, can be said to be a way to subvert the traditional tea. Cold tea is called "water cloud tea" in Japan. Brew green tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. with cold water, either in the refrigerator or drink at room temperature.

â–  cold tea benefits

A convenient

When traveling, climbing, riding a train, or being unable to cook hot water, as long as there is pure water or mineral water, you can make tea. Refreshing and delicious cold tea can not only quench the thirst and cool the heat, but at the same time, as long as there is mineral water or boiled water can be brewed, no longer heating, so washed tea can save a lot of energy or gas and other energy. And the taste is more pure and refreshing than the average tea drink. In addition, in the large and medium-sized business meetings, a bag of instant tea is accompanied by mineral water. The cold tea that can be easily produced can not only refresh the mind but also clear away heat and heat.

Two hypoglycemic

Tea polyphenols are a generic term for polyphenols rich in tea and have been proven to have hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, preventive hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, cancer and other effects. Tea pigment is an oxidized polymer of tea polyphenols, and it can also have certain preventive and therapeutic effects on diabetes as well as tea polyphenols. In addition, tea pigment also has a cholesterol-lowering effect, and it also has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on diabetic complications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.

When the hot water is brewed, the sugar-reducing polysaccharides in the tea will be seriously damaged, and the hot water can easily soak the caffeine in theophylline and tea, which will not help the hypoglycemic. The cold water boiled tea takes a long time, so that the polysaccharides in the tea can be fully brewed out, and thus have a better adjuvant treatment effect on type 2 diabetes patients.

Three nutritional health

Tea is rich in more than 700 substances and has a very high nutritional value. However, after brewing with boiling water, many nutrients are destroyed. In recent years, tea experts have tried various methods to solve the dual problems of preserving the taste of tea and retaining the nutritional composition of tea. Cold tea is one of the ways to succeed. The antioxidant effect of catechin has long been confirmed. When cold foaming, free catechin is higher than hot tea. Overall, the content of chemical constituents of cold tea tea soup increased with the soaking time, and the amount of change was the largest within two hours of soaking, but after a certain time, the amount of dissolution did not change much. After soaking for 8 hours, all ingredients except for caffeine content were higher than hot tea soup.

Four does not affect sleep

The caffeine in tea has a certain refreshing effect, which is why many people drink tea for an important reason of insomnia at night. While immersing green tea in cold water for 4-8 hours, catechins that are beneficial to the body can be effectively brewed, and caffeine is only less than 1/2. This type of foaming method can reduce the release of caffeine and does not harm the stomach. Does not affect sleep, so sensitive or cold stomach are suitable for drinking.

â–  Which teas are suitable for cold blisters?

Not every tea is suitable for bubble tea, generally speaking, the longer the fermentation time, the higher the phosphorus content in the tea, the cold tea should be selected as low phosphorus low-fermentation tea. In terms of the most common tea products, the degree of green tea fermentation is relatively low, followed by oolong tea, and higher levels of fermentation are black tea, Tieguanyin, and Puer tea.

Make cold tea by yourself, save money for health and environmental protection. It can not only thirst, clear oily, but also has a special effect on reducing blood pressure and reducing uric acid.

â–  Five steps to make healthy tea

(1) Prepare containers such as tea, cold water, mineral water bottles, and water filters.

(2) The ratio of cold boiled water to tea is about 50 ml to 1 gram, which can be increased or decreased according to personal taste.

(3) After 1 to 3 hours, the tea soup can be poured out for drinking. The tea tastes sweet and delicious.

(4) Do not drink tea in the refrigerator and do not store it for more than 24 hours.

(5) Cold tea should be consumed within two hours after leaving the refrigerator.

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