Tractor Lubrication "Three Bogeys"

Do not add too much oil in the engine oil pan, exceed the upper scale of the oil scale, the oil is easy to break into the combustion chamber, so that the exhaust pipe spray blue smoke. This will not only increase the consumption of oil, but also the incomplete combustion of the engine oil will produce a large amount of carbon on the piston top and valve seat, aggravate the wear of mechanical parts, and even cause the piston to die or damage.

Do not add oil in time before adding oil to the oil before operation, which will make the oil surface of the oil pan too low, resulting in high oil temperature and poor lubrication. What's more serious is that because the oil level in the oil pan is lower than the lower scale of the oil scale, the tractor may cause the oil filter to be exposed on the oil surface when the tractor is braking on the downhill, over ridge, or sudden braking, so that the oil pump cannot suck in air to supply oil. , causing serious accidents such as burning tiles.

Avoid mixing old and new oils. Old oils contain substances with strong oxidation properties. After the old and new oils are mixed, the use of new oils can be reduced.
If more than 500 hours are used in the engine, add new oil all at once. If half of the new engine oil is blended with half of the old engine oil, the use time is only 200 hours. Because of the poor lubrication of old oil, it is easy to cause serious wear and blue smoke.

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