Study shows that the risk of death on birthday is the highest in a year

Birthdays are certainly the most celebrated moments of your year, but the latest statistical research shows that this is also likely to be the last day in your life. According to the British "Guardian" recently reported that a study of 2.4 million people showed that the highest risk of death in a year is the day of the birthday, there is a 14% chance that we will die on the birthday. If you are older, the likelihood is higher.

The birthday death risk is the highest in a year. A Swiss research team investigated and analyzed 2.4 million death cases in more than 40 years and found that the probability of death on birthday is about 13.8%, which is higher than other days of the year. Much more. The latest research report published in the epidemiological journal of the industry's leading periodical, said that the possibility of death on the birthday of the birthday is greater than we expected, because the "stress" of the killer played an important role during the birthday . Most of the reasons people die on their birthday are heart attacks, strokes, cancers, sudden falls and suicides.

Researchers also found that the risk of dying on the day of birth will increase with age. For example, 18% of people over the age of 60 may die on their birthday. If you are a man, you should be more careful! Because the results of the analysis show that the probability of committing suicide on the male's birthday is 34.9% higher than usual, and even the accidental death that could not be avoided will increase by as much as 28.5%.

On the birthday day, individual diseases also broke out on a large scale. The risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks, increased by 18.6%, and the risk of stroke increased by 21.5%. Cancer patients also had their own mortality. 10.8% rise.

At the same time, the study also concluded that, together with the four days before the birthday, people’s death rate actually rose to 44%, and the result was indeed very unexpected.

Fatality theory disagrees According to researchers, there was an explanation earlier called the "Anniversary Response Hypothesis." This theory believes that people with serious illnesses can stick to their birthdays because it is their right to survival. A final milestone, then they may really be dismissed. But researchers say that the "Anniversary Response Hypothesis" is not enough to explain the data they found, because the birthday event itself can leave many people dead.

For example, in the case of heart attacks and strokes, stress can be the culprit for death, especially among older people. Scientists believe that they may feel life-threatening pressure on their birthday. The results of the research and analysis also confirmed that the chances of hospitalization for cardiovascular disease on the day of birth are more frequent.

The report said that the scientific community believes that this research is very valuable because researchers have used state-level statistics that have been documented over the years and actually come up with such a wonderful result that “the mortality rate on the day of the birthday will increase significantly.” This is very Surprisingly, the practice of summing up human behavior patterns in this way is worth learning from.

For the discovery that men are more likely to commit suicide on their birthday, the researchers jokingly said that it may be that they are more likely to drink more alcohol on that day and then declare their dissatisfaction in such a fierce way that people will pay more attention to themselves. . Women may still feel a bit unfair. Why do we all have happy birthdays together? How can we help men increase their suicide risk? Men who are bad for women can get attention!

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