Keep in mind five ways to avoid buying hormone fruit

It is understood that there are more and more vegetables and fruits in the morning market. Most of these fruits and vegetables are harvested before they reach maturity, and a large number of chemical hormones such as swelling agents, redners and ripening agents are used before they are put on sale. In the process of ripening it to make it look better, like long-sharp tomatoes, strawberries or watermelons with large cavities, but some of them look ripe and eaten. The tasteless bananas or pineapples are due to the addition of chemical hormones.

In addition, the use of bulking agents will cause cells in fruits and vegetables to expand abnormally and the shapes will become more peculiar. Some of the ingredients, such as amino acids (amino acid foods) and sugar, are insufficient, resulting in poor taste and reduced nutrition. , Such common fruits and vegetables are litchi, kiwi, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, tomato and so on.

Green Foods Not Using Chemical Hormones There is a wide variety of foods containing chemical hormones on the market today, and it is hard to tell by the naked eye. In this regard, consumers must choose green certified foods when they purchase, because they are not allowed to use any chemical hormones in green foods and organic foods, and consumers can feel comfortable eating them.

Do not buy ripe fruit. In addition, experts also remind consumers not to buy ripe fruit. If the fruit is listed on the market for two months to one month before maturity, the color is good-looking, and it is likely that it has been used. Ripening agents, even when ripening agents are not used, are not delicious and have low nutritional value.

The difference between natural ripening and ripening Although the ripening fruit exhibits a ripening character, the skin or other aspects of the fruit still have an immature feeling. For example, the natural mature watermelon, due to adequate light, so the melon skin color bright, clear stripes, old guati knot; ripe watermelon melon skin color is fresh, light stripes, Guaty blue.

Smell odor discrimination Second, you can tell by smelling the smell of fruit. Naturally mature fruits, most of them can smell a fruity scent on the epidermis. The ripening fruit not only has no fruity odor, but also has an off-taste. The overripe fruit can often smell the fermented odor.

The ripening fruit component has a distinct characteristic of heavy ripening fruit, that is, the weight is heavier. Fruits of the same size and the same size, ripening are much heavier than naturally matured, and are easily identifiable.

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