Shanghai copper: lack of power, soy oil: lead beans, Zheng sugar: unfinished

Shanghai Copper: Insufficient power Domestic non-ferrous metal prices have fallen sharply, and upward momentum is still insufficient. The Shanghai copper 1104 contract reached a record high of 72,350 yuan/ton, and was approaching the close again. It eventually reported at 71,780 yuan/ton, up 930 yuan/ton. Shanghai Copper's previous high of 73,000 yuan still has a lot of resistance, short-term high volatility or continuation of the high, operating on the wait and see or find a good buying opportunity. It is difficult for the current macroeconomic, financial and policy sides to form effective support for non-ferrous metal prices.

Soybean oil: Leading beans, beans, etc. opened higher and higher on Monday, finished lower, and the general increase in commodities led to the upward expansion of soybeans. Grease led the rise of beans throughout the day, of which the main contract of soybean oil 1109 closed at 10,736 yuan / ton, up 196 yuan. China's large single purchase of US soybeans, the US soybean planting area is expected to reduce, the weather in South America is still uncertain, speculative funds continue to be optimistic about factors such as the beans market are conducive to the upward trend in prices. In this environment, the pre-holiday turmoil trend will continue.

Zheng sugar: As a result of a weaker dollar, the price of ICE raw sugar futures soared by more than 1 cent per pound on Friday. It is not surprising that the market's external disk has been hung up and down. External disk prices have had limited impact on the domestic market. However, the decline in the external disk has affected the nerves of domestic traders. As the Spring Festival approached, the mood of the dealers was complicated. As a result, Monday's dramatic rise in the outer disk, the verification of the State Reserve's non-auctions, and the freezing of ice disasters continued to abolish the impact of many factors.

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