Ministry of Agriculture: The overall situation of autumn grain production is good

Although there is still a month or so away from the autumn harvest, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday that the national autumn grain production situation as a whole is on a good track.

It is understood that with the central government's policy measures to support late rice and autumn grain production in place quickly, and since most of the country’s climate conditions in mid-August are conducive to crop growth, the soil moisture content is better, and the late rice and northeastern rice growing process in the south is accelerating, partially compensating. Insufficient growth of the previous period, the trend is further improved; the northern corn growth process is comparable to the same period of the year, and growth is generally better than normal, obviously better than last year. The Ministry of Agriculture believes that the national autumn grain production situation is overall good.

This year's autumn grain production was once faced with many adverse conditions such as extreme climate impacts, delays in the growth period, and the threat of pests and diseases. On August 11th, the State Council Executive Meeting focused on agricultural production and arranged special funds to support late rice and autumn grain production. After the meeting, all localities earnestly implemented the central support policy and arranged support for matching funds.

As of the end of August, the allotments and pesticides purchased by the localities have all been put in place, and the increase in the use of tillers and pest control operations is basically completed. From the perspective of the Ministry of Agriculture's supervision, the programs for the implementation of policies in various places are concrete and feasible, and the operating procedures are more standardized. They are fair, just, and open, ensuring that funds are earmarked for specific purposes, policy-to-household, and technology-to-field.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that the agricultural sector will continue to seriously implement the decision-making and deployment of the State Council, effectively grasping the prevention and control of pests and diseases and field management, so as to ensure that the grain will not be available in one day, and that management will not relax during the day and will fully seize this year's autumn harvest.

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