Lobster causes untreatable lagoon disease for 80 years?

After the “lobster gate” incident occurred, many citizens were concerned about who was the culprit, and even some experts who were overseas are paying close attention. Dr. Liao Junlin from the University of Iowa in the United States is one of them. He believes that the current "Llobster Gate" incident in Nanjing occurred more than 80 years ago abroad and hopes to provide these conditions to the Nanjing City's disease control department for research.

At 9:00 last night, reporters from the Express corresponded with Dr. Liao Junlin from the United States. He told reporters that this disease has long been known abroad and it is called lagoon disease. After 80 years have passed, this mystery has still not been solved and it is indeed a biological "world problem." Nanjing Disease Control Center experts told reporters that the two diseases are indeed the same high degree of symptoms, but whether it is a disease, still need to investigate.

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"I think the proper diagnosis should be lagoon disease"

Cracking virus-producing hormone is still a problem in the world

Liao Junlin is a native of Sichuan, China. Currently working at the University of Iowa in the United States, Dr. Liu is a PhD in public health management and has studied clinical laboratory. He posted a blog post on the Internet yesterday stating that the “lobster gate” patient is actually a lagoon disease that has been reported abroad. This discovery has immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Dr. Liao Junlin told reporters that rhabdomyolysis, which occurred within 24 hours of eating fish products, was called “lagoon disease” in the United States. In 1924, the disease was first discovered in Germany's Baltic region. It was estimated that it was related to eating fish in the lagoon. It was later called lagoon disease and the English name was Haff Disease. In the following 10 years or more, thousands of cases have been discovered, but after 1940, they suddenly disappeared. Lagoon disease was not reported in the United States until 1984, and more than 20 cases have been reported since then. In general, it happened in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Lagoon disease is caused by different fish species in different regions. The most similar to Nanjing Lobster Gate was the “lobster poisoning” incident in Louisiana in 2001. There were nine cases of rhabdomyolysis that occurred after eating crayfish in a week. Residents bought lobsters and cooked them. After eating, the most serious patient, creatine kinase, is up to 100 times normal. After that, the disease disappeared without a trace. Liao Junlin said: "The disease is very rare. It always disappears after a while. From a variety of phenomena, I think that the proper diagnosis is lagoon disease. As for the diagnosis of viral pathogens, it is a problem in the world. There is still a need for chemists. Work hard."

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"The symptoms of lagoon disease are similar to those of lobster gate patients."

Diagnosis and treatment are not difficult, but can not be taken lightly

Liao Junlin said that according to available data, lagoon disease usually occurs within 24 hours after eating fish food. There are salmon and lobsters. There are 11 categories of aquatic products involved, fresh water and seafood. Typical symptoms are muscle pain, weakness, difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting, muscle rigidity, tremors, tenderness, profuse sweat, and other symptoms such as black urine, general malaise, numbness, back pain, and stomachache. The most critical one, CK index, is that creatine kinase is often increased by tens or even hundreds of times. In previous reports, the "gold standard" for diagnosis of the Nanjing lobster gate was this indicator.

Gu Jianzhong, a specialist at Gulou Hospital, told reporters that once this indicator has increased geometrically, it is rhabdomyolysis. In some seriously ill patients, there is indeed urine as black as soy sauce. Severe consequences of lagoon disease are kidney failure or cardiac arrest leading to death. In the treatment, a large amount of rehydration is the key, due to muscle dissolution leads to a large number of potassium released from the muscles, hyperkalemia caused by blood disorders, cardiac arrest, a large number of rehydration can give the kidney potassium opportunities. Liao Junlin said that it can be seen that "renal damage, muscle dissolving" and other performances are highly consistent with those of Nanjing Lobster Gate patients.

Liao Junlin said that the diagnosis and treatment of lagoon disease are not complicated. Don't worry too much, but there are still deaths and you can't take it lightly. The main cause of death was untimely treatment.

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"The U.S. medical community is still guessing lagoon virus"

Guess thinks similar to human anemone poison

Many cases of lobster-caused lagoon disease in the United States have been bought and cooked by patients. In other words, they are all cooked foods, which is similar to the case of China. It is reported that after the incident occurred, Louisiana’s health department obtained sample analysis in a timely manner and still failed to analyze the reasons. At the beginning, the U.S. health authorities also suspected whether lobsters were contaminated with pesticides or chemicals, and immediately launched environmental and epidemiological investigations. The results showed that the crayfish they ate were not contaminated with pesticides or chemicals. The remaining crawfish samples were sent to the laboratory for testing. The results showed that heavy metals, agricultural pesticides, and herbicides were all negative, that is, safe. Finally, they sent the sample to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for toxin testing and it was no good. At present, the US medical community is still conjecturing the toxin causing lagoon disease. It is considered to be similar to the anemone poison that is ranked second by humans. It is heat-resistant and can cause a series of intramuscular ion channel disorders. Its clinical manifestations.

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