Yunong No. 3 Eggplant Planting in Early Spring

Yunong No. 3 is a hybrid early-maturing eggplant variety with strong plant growth, strong branching, high fruit setting rate, long fruit stick shape, 30 cm long, 8 cm thick, 250-300 g single fruit weight, black peel, and bright, The flesh is delicate, white, few seeds, good quality, strong disease resistance and adaptability, heat, moisture, storage and transportation, high yield and good commercial, generally 4000-5000 kg per mu. Cultivate strong seedlings and choose sheltered winds to grow sunny. Do not plant seedlings with eggplant vegetables. Ten to 15 days before planting, combined with soil preparation and bed soil, the compost of 40-50 kilograms of organic fertilizer and high-concentration compound fertilizer (16-16-16) of 0.4-0.5 kilograms per 20 square meters of seedbed were applied. The seeds were soaked in warm water of 55°C for 10-15 hours to allow the seeds to absorb enough water. The seed coat mucus was then washed, placed under 25-30°C for germination, and 80-90% of the seeds were whitened and sowed. One week before the beginning of spring, four films were used to cover the hotline nursery. Before eggplant seedling emergence, the bed temperature was maintained at 25-30°C during the day and 18-20°C at night, promoting Qimiao. The eggplant seedlings were properly cooled after unearthing, kept at 20-25°C during the day, and kept at 15-20°C during the night to prevent the plants from being prolonged due to high temperature. After the first true leaf appeared, the bed temperature was raised, kept at 27-30°C during the day and maintained at 20°C during the night to promote seedling growth. One week before transplanting, the seedlings began to grow, so that the eggplant seedlings gradually adapted to the colonization environment. For fertilizer and water management, the water is generally not watered for 1 week before emergence, and when the bed soil becomes white after emergence, the water is poured hard. Apply 1-2 fertilizers in conjunction with watering, using diammonium phosphate as the main method, or spray the Chinese Academy of Foliar Fertilizer or Plant Nutrition Po. 30 days before planting and planting, 3500-4000 kg of organic fertilizer was applied per mu of Datian. 15 cm wide and 20 cm deep trenches were planted 15 days before planting, and high-concentration compound fertilizer (16-16-16) 40 kg was applied per acre. 4.2-4.5 meters wide sheds are made of 4 rakes, 90 cm wide, 15 cm wide, and buckled in the shed, overlying the mulch, suffocating the shed for 3-5 days and increasing the temperature. When eggplant seedlings were from 3 leaves to 4 leaves and the seedlings were about 40 days old, they were planted with cold-cold tail warmers. Each row was planted with 2 rows, with a spacing of 40 cm and 2400 plants per acre. In the field management, the shelf temperature was maintained at 30-32°C in the mild seedling stage, and the shelf temperature was controlled at 25-28°C from the time of live tree to flowering and fruit setting stage. After planting, reduce watering and fertilization before flowering to prevent plant growth. After the fruit is set, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, apply fertilizer once every 10 days, apply 7.5 kg of high-concentration compound fertilizer per acre, and water in time to keep the soil moist. Leave 1-2 lateral branches as the main branch in the lower part of the phylum capsulae, and then leave large branch buds and remove the buds of the branchlets to ensure uniform branching. After harvesting, the old leaves and small branches under the first branch were wiped off, increasing the ventilation and light transmittance.

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