How to master the process performance of canned fish line?

Canned fish line process:

Raw materials enter the freezer - ship on the thaw rack (open the defrosting machine) - to thaw - transport to the defrosting machine - thaw the discharge - lift to - roller descaler - go to the scales and then lift to - head line - after the fish head Save to save the bucket - the fish body to distinguish the bone removal process for fish bone separation - lift delivery to - bubble washing machine - after draining - manual trimming - then into the cutting machine - after the water washing - into the salting machine timing pickling Tight-spray cleaning-sifting drain--for metal detection--lifting into the canning weighing line (the upper layer is the middle of the empty tank, the lower layer of the fish raw material is the transporting tank)--the canning machine is fed into the cooking machine for pre-cooking. A single line of flavor-canning machine--into the back-draining-heating--re-pouring-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next process - carry out the cans - bagging - and then enter the sterilization pot while two-way sterilization - the product is automatically sealed in the pot - the tank is divided into a single row - into the lotion - washing - drying - labeling - laser Coding - canning and packing - sealing give away.

Canned fish line performance:

1. The equipment is developed in combination with China's national conditions, and has the advantages of high technical starting point, process*, product stability and practicability.

2, the main components are made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements, strong corrosion resistance, long service life of equipment, equipment passed the safety inspection of the labor bureau, the protection device is safe and reliable.

3, the sterilization effect is good. In the process of food being heat-sterilized, the microorganisms in the food will have different changes, some may be destroyed, and some may be destroyed, which is a bad phenomenon. At the same time, the quality of the food itself, the nutritional composition and the shape of the packaging will also change, which is a bad phenomenon. The main purpose of food heat sterilization is to kill pathogenic bacteria and toxin-producing bacteria, so that the food itself should only be affected by small influences. The high-temperature short-time sterilization method can achieve the above purpose.

How to use the canned fish line:

1. Add an appropriate amount of water to the outer pot, place the items to be sterilized into the inner pot, cover the lid and twist the screw symmetrically.

2. Heating causes steam to be generated in the pot. When the gauge pointer reaches 33.78 kPa, the exhaust valve is opened to discharge the cold air. At this time, the pointer of the pressure gauge drops. When the pointer drops to zero, the exhaust valve is closed.

3. Continue heating, the steam in the pot increases, and the pointer of the pressure gauge rises again. When the pressure in the pot increases to the required pressure, the firepower is reduced. According to the characteristics of the sterilized items, the pressure of the vapor is maintained for a certain period of time. Then turn off or ignite the sterilizer, let it cool naturally, then slowly open the exhaust valve to remove the residual gas before opening the cover.

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