Cooking oil refining workshop process reform

Food oil refining production workshop process reform Our company based on edible oil refining technology, for the majority of edible oil manufacturers to provide a full range of multi-level services.
★ Adhering to the principle of process transformation ☆ Full respect for customer's comments and suggestions ☆ Process transformation under the premise of satisfying product quality requirements ☆ Existing workshop equipment is not moving or less moving ☆ Both production processes are adjusted as small as possible ☆ No addition or less Adding production equipment ★ Detailed options for process improvement ☆ Batch-type production process is changed to semi-continuous and full-continuous production process ☆ Semi-continuous production process is changed to full-continuous production process ☆ Expanded output based on existing equipment ☆ Existing equipment basis Improve product quality ☆ Existing process adjustment
1) Chemical Degumming Lecitase Ultra Enzyme Degumming for Vegetable Oil Refining
2) The chemical deacidification of high-acid rice bran oil changes the esterification and deacidification to increase the yield while minimizing the change of equipment
3) Decoloration process, according to product quality requirements, adding auxiliary process to reduce the amount of white clay ★ There are the following mature production process options ☆ Application of Lecitase Ultra degumming in vegetable oil refining production ☆ Esterification deacidification technology for high acid value rice bran oil The refining ☆ assisted decolorization process for soybean oil, cottonseed oil refining production, reduce the amount of white clay, improve the color index of the product oil ☆ Trisy1300 for decolorization pretreatment, adsorption of residual soap and residual phosphorus, reduce the amount of subsequent decolorization process, the amount of white clay ◆ Contact Us Way phone E-mail:
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Same as round type LED Surgical Lamp, the flower type operating lamp also can add camera system, the camera system can choose SD or HD, depends on hospital requirment, even though single dome or double dome, both can add camera system, can choose camera built in or built out. The camera system is Sony brand, we have use it for many years, the system is stable. as recording and teaching is part of Cuntinous Medical Education (C.M.E) within and outside the O.R/ Hospital, our solution is to achieve both. The image resolution of full HD medical grade digital camera can be as high as 1920*1080 pixels.

flower type surgical lamp with camera 

Flower OT Lamp With Camera

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