How to choose shrimp seedlings?

1. Selection of polytrophic ginseng pools Under normal conditions, the bottom of the sediment with hard sediment should be selected, and no freshwater inflow should occur. The salinity of seawater should be kept above 26 常 for many years.
2. Qingchi disinfection and stocking before the shrimp ponds should be dredged and disinfested. Disinfection can use bleach or quicklime, bleaching powder dosage 50 mg / kg, quicklime dosage of 100 kg per mu.
3. The function of attaching the attachment base The attachment base has two functions: one is that a large number of benthic diatoms (the main source of sea cucumbers) can be attached, and the second is the habitat of the sea cucumber, which can ensure its safety in summer and winter. At present, there are stones, hollow bricks, porcelain tubes, and tiles that are used as the attachment bases. The amount to be placed depends on the number of seedlings laid, and is generally no less than 5 to 10 cubic meters per mu.
4. Apply basic fertilizer 10 days before fertilization and cultivate benthic algae and phytoplankton. Apply 20 to 40 kg (dry weight) of chicken manure per acre, and apply 2 kg/mu of inorganic fertilizer in spring. Create a good feeding and habitat for sea cucumbers.
5. Seedlings of sea cucumbers are generally released in spring and autumn. The spring is in bloom from mid-March to the end of April; the fall takes place around October.
6. The daily management of shrimp pond water should be kept more than 1.5 meters deep year-round, high temperature and winter water should be raised to 2 meters. During the growing period, change the water once every 10 days, change the water volume to about 3 tons, maintain the salinity of the pool water at more than 26‰, enter the rainy season, especially the heavy rain, remove the fresh water on the pool surface; after the winter water surface is frozen, The snow and debris on the ice should be promptly removed to maintain the transparency of the pool water. At the same time, the ice should be properly used to increase the dissolved oxygen in the pool water.

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