How do you know the parameters of the ultrasonic welder? Do you know?

Setting the wave time:

The specific time should be determined according to the stroke and speed of the ultrasonic mold (welding head), and the purpose is to make the ultrasonic wave (the welding head) fall, and the ultrasonic wave is emitted immediately before the plastic part is hit.

Welding time setting :

According to the 'pressure of the pressure of the plastic parts' and 'the effect of welding' to determine; {for example: 1, if the plastic mouth of the welding joint 'splashing flash' means that the 'welding time' is too long or the pressure is too high or The 'falling stroke adjustment (limit) screw' limit is too low; if the weld is not melted enough, it happens to be the opposite of the former. 2. If the welding parts of the welded joint are inconsistent, it means that the pressure is different. This may be because the pressure is low, and the plastic parts are deformed more, the pressure test is increased, or the 'ultrasonic bottom mold' cannot make the plastic parts. The two halves can not be completely matched, and the film can be used to make the position of the 'ultrasonic bottom mold' insufficiently melted, and the test is repeated to achieve a good welding effect}.

Special attention should be paid to:

       When the 'welding time' and the 'falling stroke adjustment (limit) screw position' are the same, adjusting the air pressure value of the air pressure can also adjust the welding effect. Therefore, during normal use, it is necessary to keep the air pressure of the air pressure source higher than the set air pressure value.

Pressure (cooling) time setting:

       If the plastic part 'no deformation' 'no internal stress after welding' 'solidification is not very slow', usually do not select the cooling time value (or only take 1/5 seconds).

Trigger should be advanced; soldering should not be delayed; cooling should be as short as possible, probably choose time [about 0.3 seconds] and maintain pressure (cooling) time [0 seconds - exception for slow-setting plastics].

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