Breeding and production technology of special boars

The special wild boar is a boar breed that has been domesticated and improved. It retains the advantages of high lean meat ratio, strong adaptability, and game characteristics, and overcomes the shortcomings of wild boars that are not easy to manage in spring estrus and artificial captive environments. Can be normal breeding and breeding. Special wild boar rich flavor, nutrient-rich, the linoleic acid contained in the meat is 2.5 times that of domestic pork. Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen said that regular consumption of wild boar, can enhance women's skin polish, and The role of milking, due to the high content of linoleic acid in special wild boar, so for arteriosclerosis caused by coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases also have a good role in prevention and control. Wild boar with game, health care, foreign exchange earning three major advantages, Therefore, the special wild boar as a new breed in the pig family and a good opportunity to solve the current domestic pig production needs to be converted to replace the breeding of new varieties, according to breeding practices, now the special wild boar breeding and confinement techniques are described below. A breeding technology Special wild boar can produce 2-2.5 tires per year, 6-16 per fetus, mating time is 6-7 months after birth, weight 60-70 kg is appropriate. Because the special wild boar IQ and sensitivity are higher than the average domestic pig, so Unable to The use of climbing platform, false vagina or freehand fine method, can only use this cross (natural mating) method, when the sow estrus allows the boar to cross, you can breed. Generally in heat and allow the boar to climb 12 - The breeding is effective within 24 hours. The breeding heat can also be seen from the outside. The female wild boar is able to safely accept the male wild boar or the female wild boar's cunt from bright red to purple, from swollen to slightly shriveled or the breeder. Hand pressing the hindquarters of the female wild boar and the female wild boar standing still are all suitable breeding time. The first time is matched with the interval of 6-8 hours after repeated distribution to increase the conception rate. Before sowing, the sows should be circled The objects in the house were removed to prevent bruises or accidents of the boar. At the same time, the genital area of ​​the wild sow was scrubbed with 3% potassium permanganate water (to prevent other sows from infecting the parvovirus), and then put into the species. The boars are mated (about half an hour after the breeding process). After the breeding, the male and female pigs are not allowed to divert or bathe immediately. After one hour, they are allowed to drink water. If the sow is to be bred, the whole body should be rubbed. The solution of water 2-3 times to kill the body surface parasites to prevent sow itch everywhere and lead to pregnancy abortion. Second production technologyOne Preparations to be made before giving birth: About 20 days before the special wild boar, the wild boar is injected intramuscularly with E. coli vaccine or intramuscularly with long-acting antibiotics three days prior to the onset of labor. The penis must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before the first three days of labor. And used to Suer or potassium permanganate solution disinfection. After the cement floor is dry, it is covered with mat grass, the electric lamp is well maintained, the drinking water tank is filled with plenty of water, the litter box is prepared (or the warm box is prepared in the winter and spring seasons), the iodine, cotton wool ball, wire and disinfected scissors , and there is a dedicated person on duty to prevent accidental birth of the female wild boar piglets. 2 Things to be aware of when giving birth When the sow is about 114 days pregnant, she begins to hold the grass, frequent urination, irregular defecation sites, red and swollen vulva, increased respiratory rate, and when the calling boar no longer stands, etc. Most female wild boars successfully laid piglets after laying grass on the side of the grass. When the domestic pigs are farrowing, they are headed out first, while the special wild boars are produced when the hind legs and hips are released first. Once the special wild boar has stood up, the piglet stands up and begins to milk. If a litter produces too much and the sow has insufficient teats, half of them can be fed in batches or fed to female pigs that are close to the litter. We have barely found a female wild boar that lacks milk after birth. For each female pig produced by the wild boar, the confinement worker shall pick up the towels and soaked in 3% potassium permanganate solution to wipe the systemic bloodstains and stickies in the mouth of the piglet. After the umbilical cord is tied (after leaving 4-5 cm) Cut off, apply iodine tincture at the cut-off point, cut off two canine teeth on both sides of the oral cavity, and put the piglet into a special piglet box. After the piglet is finished, transfer the fluorogenic acid into a paste. Put it in the pig's tongue to swallow it to prevent blood-borne bowel disease (yellow and white edema and edema disease). After 20 days of age, a single dose of intramuscularly administered swine fever vaccine should be administered to the neck of piglets. If there is a local swine fever epidemic, an advanced immunization should be carried out. That is, one swine fever vaccine should be given intramuscularly after birth and the piglets should be fed 60 minutes later. In the first day of milk, the “three consecutive seedlings” were injected intramuscularly at 60 days of age. When the sows are all born out of the placenta, (if the placenta is too long to be eliminated, three oxytocins can be injected intramuscularly and can be expelled in half an hour), the original bedding and bloodstain should be removed, and the ground must be disinfected and replaced. Cut off the short straw and use a 3% potassium permanganate solution to wipe the sow's teat and both sides. Simultaneous injection of 3.2 to 4 million units of penicillin to the sow's neck is repeated twice a day for two days. Sows have high fever and uterine inflammation. Put the piglet gently into the sow house for feeding. It is best to put it in the nursery for the first time and put it in the piglet box. Feed it once every four hours for 4 consecutive days to prevent the piglets from being sows. Crush dead. After that, the color and mental status of the piglets and sows should be enhanced to ensure early detection and early treatment so as to increase the survival rate of the piglets.

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