Rice bran

First, the amount of feeding should be appropriate. Too much feeding of rice bran will lead to deterioration of pork quality, breeding ability of breeding pigs, and diarrhea in piglets. Therefore, the amount of rice bran feeding should not exceed 25% of the pig diet. Second, rice should not be fed for a long time. Rice bran is easy to absorb moisture and become moldy, and the content of oil in rice bran is also high. Due to the influence of high temperature, sunshine, and humidity during storage, it will gradually deteriorate and deteriorate. Therefore, rice bran stored for a long time cannot be fed to pigs. Third, appropriate calcium and phosphorus. The contents of calcium and phosphorus in rice bran are low, which cannot meet the normal life needs of pigs. Therefore, when using rice bran to feed pigs, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper supplementation of calcium and phosphorus.

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Conventional Goji Berries

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