China's first automatic frying machine that saves time and effort and is easy to operate

We know that you need a set of real energy-saving equipment that can save a lot of cost for the company, so we provide you with various food processing machinery with excellent products, reasonable price, beautiful shape and perfect after-sales service. The food produced by the fryer process has good finish, bright color, and the product quality grade is obviously improved, and solves the problem of excessive acidification of fried food. With the frying device, the food residue generated during the frying process can be sedimented into the lower funnel through the filtration of water and discharged through the sewage outlet, thereby achieving the function of filtering oil and not wasting oil. A multi-purpose machine, no need to change oil can fry a variety of food, no fumes, no odor, save time and environmental protection. Compared with the ordinary fryer, the fried food of this machine does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Features of the frying line: The whole process is automatically controlled by oil temperature. The temperature can be set freely from 0 to 300 degrees, which is suitable for frying foods with various process requirements. The water supply valve is located at the lower part of the oil layer. It can be added at any time without affecting the frying work. It is equipped with a check valve. This solves the problem of stopping the water and flowing the oil back into the water pipe during the watering process. The lower part of the water is provided with a temperature measuring device, and the water temperature display is clear at a glance. Moreover, the water temperature can be set, and compared with the measured water temperature, when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling measures can be taken. Prevent the occurrence of water boiling in advance. (Special varieties also have automatic cooling function). The oil-water separation surface is provided with an observation glass tube and a drain valve detecting device. The water line can be more accurate.

At the same time, we can also reduce the cost of running a lot for you, reduce the cost of manual operation, and the quality of the product is good for you to save maintenance costs, but also to improve your product's higher grades, choose Zhucheng Liangyuan machinery is to choose peace of mind, Your investment will be a benefit for decades.

Pain Relief Patch For Breast
[Name] Medical Cold Patch
[Package Dimension] 10 round pieces
The Pain Relief Patch is composed of three layers, namely, backing lining, middle gel and protective film. It is free from pharmacological, immunological or metabolic ingredients.
[Scope of Application] For cold physiotherapy, closed soft tissue only.
The patches give fast acting pain relief for breast hyperplasia, breast fibroids, mastitis, breast agglomera tion, swollen pain.
[How To Use a Patch]
Please follow the Schematic Diagram. One piece, one time.
The curing effect of each piece can last for 6-8 hours.
Do not apply the patch on the problematic skin, such as wounds, eczema, dermatitis,or in the eyes. People allergic to herbs and the pregnant are advised not to use the medication. If swelling or irritation occurs, please stop using and if any of these effects persist or worsen.notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Children using the patch must be supervised by adults.
[Storage Conditions]
 Store below 30c in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Pain Relief Patch For Breast

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