Pig concentrated feed use matters needing attention

Pig Concentrate Feed Cautions:

Now China's feed industry is developing rapidly, and the popularization and application of concentrated feed has become increasingly widespread, which has played a catalytic role in raising the level of production in the pig industry. However, some pig farmers still have some problems in the use of concentrates. Here are three considerations for enriching feeds:

1, pay attention to the choice of concentrated feed:

At present, there are many manufacturers who produce concentrated feed, and there are more than 300 in the surrounding areas of Harbin. There are many varieties and the quality varies greatly, and some are even inferior products. Where quality and reliable qualified concentrated feeds are concerned, one must have a product label. The label should include the product name, feeding object, product registration number or approval number, main feed ingredient category, nutrient composition analysis guarantee value (usually require protein content above 30%, moisture content below 13%, crude fiber content Below 8%, crude fat content is above 3%, calcium, phosphorus content, usage and dosage, net weight, production date, plant name, and site. The second is to have a product specification. Contents include recommended feeding methods, expected feeding effects, preservation methods, and precautions. Third, there must be a product certification, and must be stamped with the inspection staff seal and inspection date. The fourth is to have a registered trademark, and should be marked on the product label, description or packaging. Only by mastering these basic knowledge can we not be deceived and select qualified products. In addition, don't buy too much at a time to maintain its freshness and palatability.

2. Concentrated feed should be fed with feed ingredients:

Concentrated feed is a uniform mixture of protein feed, mineral feed, trace elements, vitamins, and non-nutritive additives, etc., formulated in a certain proportion. When combined with a certain percentage of energy feed, it becomes the full-price complement of nutrient balance. feed. It meets the needs of pigs for various nutrients and does not require the addition of other additives. Concentrated feed for pigs, generally more than 30% crude protein, mineral and vitamin content is also more than 2 times the pig's needs, so it can not be fed directly, must be fed in a certain proportion and energy feed, so as to Play the true effect and role of concentrated feed. When feeding, raw and dry materials should be mixed with wet feeding to provide enough clean drinking water. Do not feed thin materials, and do not feed them after cooking.

3, the ratio of concentrated feed and feed materials should be reasonable:

The proportion of the feedstuff between the concentrated feed and the pig farmer must be reasonable, in order to achieve 16% of the crude protein content of the feed, and the energy basically meets the requirements of the feedstuff standard. In the instructions for enriched feed products, it is also recommended to use the ratio with common feed ingredients, which can be used as reference.

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