Summer Flock Health Care Key Measures

First, sheep house disinfection:

The shed is sterilized and sprayed with 10%-20% lime milk or 10% bleaching powder or 3% of leucoprol or 5% of ash or 10% carbolic acid aqueous solution; sports ground disinfection with 3% bleach or 4% Formalin or 5% sodium hydroxide solution spray disinfection; doorway (inlet and outlet) disinfection, spray disinfection with 2% -4% sodium hydroxide or 10% kelipin, or often placed in the entrance and exit with disinfectant The sacks or mats; skin and mucous membrane disinfection, with 70% -75% of alcohol or 2% -5% iodine or 0.01% -0.05% of benzalkonium bromide, wipe the skin or mucous membrane; wound disinfection, with 1% - 3% gentian violet or 3% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% -0.5% potassium permanganate solution to flush the contaminated or suppurated area; excrement is sterilized and biological heat sterilization method is used, that is, 100 meters away from the shed Place the sheep’s dung and stack it with a 10 cm thick fine soil and ferment it for one month; disinfect the sewage, introduce the sewage into the sewage treatment tank, add bleaching powder or quicklime (generally 2 to 5 grams per liter of sewage) Processing.

Second, the sheep medicine bath:

1 Build a medicine bath first. The commonly used medicine baths are 0.6-0.8 meters wide, 0.3-0.5 meters wide, 1-1.5 meters deep, and 3-5 meters long. Fences are placed at the entrance and exit, and a drip tray with gradient is paved at the exit. Allow the goat's medicine to stay for about 10 minutes after bathing so that the liquid from the sheep can be returned to the pool.

2 with a common liquid. Commonly used liquids include 0.1%-0.2% of insecticidal fleas, 0.05% of phoxim, 0.03% of lindane EC, 0.2% of insecticide net, 0.04% of pyrimidine and 0.05% of fly phospose phosphate and petroleum emulsion bath (oil 75 Ml, caustic soda 27g, water 250ml, dissolve caustic soda with hot water first, add petroleum stirrer, add water 10 times dilution) and lime sulfur bath (take lime 7.5kg, sulfur powder 12.5kg, stir into paste with water In the form, add 150 liters of water, stir until boiled until dark brown, discard the sediment, the supernatant is the mother liquor, add 500 liters of warm water to the mother liquor, and it becomes the medicinal bath liquid).

3 Give a medicinal bath to the sheep. Medicinal baths should be done on sunny days. Stop grazing or feeding 8 hours before the medicinal bath. Take 2-3 hours before bathing to drink sufficient amount of water to prevent the sheep from swallowing liquid poisoning in the medicinal bath. The temperature of the liquid should be around 30°C. Bathing healthy sheep first, after bath with skin disease sheep, disease, injury and pregnancy more than 2 months of sheep should not be a medicinal bath. The depth of the bath is suitable for immersing the sheep. Goats are always on the line. The bath time of each sheep is not less than 3 minutes. The sheep's head should be pressed into the liquid 1-2 times. After the medicinal bath, drain the sheep body on the drip table and let the sheep rest in the shade and in the pens. 6 hours after the medicinal bath, feed grass or grazing can be given.

Third, do a good job deworming:

If the spring is too late to deworm, you should repel the insects before the summer grazing. Commonly used anthelmintic drugs and oral doses per kilogram of body weight are: 15-20 mg of albendazole, 8 mg of levamisole, and 0.2 ml of exterine. When using anthelmintic drugs, accurate measurement is required, and a small group of deworming tests should be conducted first, followed by deworming.

Fourth, the pharmaceutical health care:

In order to prevent the disease, the sheep can be fed summer health medicine. For example, 25 grams of pollen, 25 grams of forsythia, 25 grams of Coptis, 25 grams of astragalus, 25 grams of Phellodendron, 25 grams of medlar, 25 grams of turmeric, and 15 grams of licorice were used in the powdered powder. If there is a dung-dry sheep, add 10 grams of nitric acid, 25 grams of rhubarb, and 30 grams of two ugly, and take them together with the above drugs.

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