How to Effectively Prevent and Control Whole Wheat Erosion

The whole wheat rot disease is caused by seeds or soil bacteria. After sowing of wheat, it is very important that the germs begin to infiltrate the roots of wheat in November, and it is important to prevent and pay attention to the dynamics of full-blown wheat in advance.

Rotational rotation investigation After investigation, different types of planting, there is a greater difference in the process of the occurrence of wheat full-blown disease, and continuous cropping of wheat is a serious disease, especially wheat-maize-wheat continuous cropping field is the heaviest; because corn is a wheat full-blind pathogen The host has played a role as a bridge for the spread of wheat's full-blown disease. According to foreign data, the occurrence of full-blown wheat disease can be controlled through crop rotation, especially with non-grass crop rotation, which can effectively reduce or control the occurrence of wheat full-bleed disease, because the whole wheat erosion pathogen is not easy to parasitize non-grass crops. . Recommended rotation scheme: wheat - hawthorn - rapeseed - peanuts - wheat; wheat - soybeans - winter free - cotton - wheat; wheat - sesame - rapeseed - summer corn - wheat. Since the lifetime of full-bleeding bacteria in the soil exceeds 1 year, the rotation period will not be valid until 1 year or more.

Chemical control

Since wheat full-blown disease is not a one-time disease, it is affected by comprehensive factors such as region, climate, temperature, geographical environment, planting years, wheat varieties, types and amounts of fertilizing materials, and the degree and scope of disease is more difficult to predict. The net excision of wheat is controlled from the inside of wheat to reduce the invasion of wheat cultivar, which can effectively control the proliferation of wheat cultivar, enhance wheat resistance, improve the immune function of wheat, and effectively control the damage of wheat rot. . Seed dressing treatment: The seed dressing treatment can effectively kill germs on the seed surface and in the soil around the seed. Fully etched each bottle of wheat (100 ml) with 15-20 kilograms of seed dressing. Stir well and allow to dry. Leaf spray control: In the high-incidence area of ​​full-blown rot, wheat should be prevented after jointing of wheat. It is the best opportunity for full-blown disease of wheat after heading to filling stage, and special attention should be paid to prevention and control. In the jointing, heading and filling stages of wheat, wheat can be sprayed with wheat for 1-2 times with full-etching. The spraying concentration is a total of 15 kilograms of water for every 20-25 grams of wheat, with penetrant or a small amount added to the liquid. Laundry detergent to enhance permeability and spreadability. In the event of high temperatures exceeding 33°C during the grouting period, 100 grams of vinegar are added to the liquor.

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