On the comparison of the advantages of labeling machine

On the comparison of the advantages of labeling machine

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Comparison of equipment advantages and detailed description of the servo system <br>In the low-speed labeling equipment, the stepping motor is generally used. The stepping motor has a technical parameter: the no-load starting frequency, that is, the stepping motor can start normally under no-load conditions. Pulse frequency, if the pulse frequency is higher than this value, the motor can not start normally, and the out-of-step and stalling may occur. This corresponds to the labeling. When the labeling speed requirement is too high, the stepping motor can't meet the requirements and will There are signs such as missing marks and random marks. Because the stepper motor has low control precision, the output torque decreases with increasing speed and does not have overload capacity, so it is not suitable for high-speed operation and accurate labeling. At this time, the servo motor is replaced. Since the servo system uses a high-resolution encoder to achieve high performance and speed stability, it can automatically be used when the acceleration and deceleration torque are small or the vertical axis and friction are large. Adjusted to the good value of zui, so that it can be positioned accurately, quickly and smoothly during the labeling process.

Equipment Advantages Comparison Control System <br> At present, most labeling manufacturers use single board machine control. Due to the poor anti-interference ability of single board machines, the voltage and radiation brought by high-power motors on today's automation equipment Wait, it will interfere with the single board machine, which will cause the single board machine to not work properly. And the input, output and other modules are all integrated on one circuit board. If one part is damaged, the whole single board machine is completely damaged, and its program is integrated in the single board machine, which does not support repeated reading and writing, which will cause If the program is wrong, the entire single board machine will be replaced and the single board machine control will be gradually eliminated. PLC (programmable controller), because each module adopts shielding measures, strong anti-interference ability, and has a good self-diagnosis function. Once the power supply or other soft and hardware abnormalities occur, the CPU immediately adopts effective measures to prevent the fault from expanding. It has a wealth of I / O interface modules, such as: buttons; travel switches; proximity switches; sensors and transmitters; electromagnetic coils; control valves, etc. can be directly connected to the I / O interface. Its high computing speed, powerful function, simple programming, high reliability, long-term work in harsh industrial environments and other significant features, and human-machine interface is a new generation of high-tech programmable terminals, designed for interactive PLC The workstation has the ability to monitor the connection of various brands of PLCs. It is suitable for application in harsh industrial environments. It can dynamically reflect the current working status of the equipment, and can display humanized and alarm information.

The mechanical principle of the comparison of equipment advantages and detailed explanations <br>The internal structure of the high-speed labeling machine is divided into a bidding mechanism, a buffer mechanism, a printing mechanism, a labeling mechanism, a delivery mechanism, and the outside is divided into a bottle feeding mechanism and a bottle collecting mechanism. Auxiliary wheel mechanism. Several major institutions complement each other. Principle: The labeling mechanism provides the label to the buffer mechanism. The proximity switch ensures the label supply is smooth. Then the label is attached to the printing mechanism by the buffer mechanism through each guide shaft, and the printing is started when the printing is turned on. Simultaneously with the labeling, the rear paper-receiving mechanism is driven by a single motor, which makes the load of the labeling motor small and stable, and no labeling and leakage occurs during the labeling process. Other manufacturers send labels by the labeling mechanism, and carry out labeling through a few simple guide shafts, which makes the labeling process and the labeling inaccurate. In terms of bottle feeding, most of the labeling manufacturers nowadays use the bottle labeling because the bottle spacing is reduced or enlarged due to various reasons during the conveying process, which causes labeling error. A series of phenomena, which not only led to the reduction of labeling speed, but also led to the bottle is easy to pour the bottle (for example, 2ml vial). Our company has solved this technical problem through innovation, in the bidding mechanism and delivery. In the mechanism, a buffer mechanism is set, and since the photoelectric detection can automatically detect the label, the label can stably operate in the cycle of each major mechanism.

Factors affecting the quality of products <br> What factors will affect the product quality?
1. The quality of design products can be satisfied. Whether customer satisfaction can depend on the design and development process of products first, and the design and development of products is the prerequisite for product upgrading and product quality improvement. The design directly determines the formulation of the production plan, the procurement of raw materials, the difficulty of process production, the type of equipment and processing accuracy, the level of quality, etc., poor design may make the product difficult to produce.

2, installed in the installation process, such as the parts are not properly installed in the part, or there are certain deviations, then the machine will lead to various problems during the operation. If the conveyor belt is not running smoothly, etc.

3. The environmental environment is a major factor affecting quality. For example, the air temperature, if the label is lower than the humidity, then the label is not attached to the bottle; or because the humidity of the bottle is not within the tolerance range, a similar situation occurs during the labeling process.

Why use high speed labeling machine
A, high-speed labeling machine is a new generation of labeling equipment, using the third generation of industrial control system (PLC), compared to the second generation of industrial control system (single board machine), it has a strong anti-interference ability, all I The /O interface circuit is optically isolated, so that the external circuit of the industrial field and the internal circuit of the PLC do not interfere with each other. It can operate effectively in a very harsh industrial environment, and can cooperate with the servo system to efficiently match the entire production line. In the case of high-speed operation, there will be no loss of steps, etc., and the perfect product can be posted smoothly and accurately.

B. Some pharmaceutical companies are faced with GMP renewal, and they need to repurchase the factory or replace the equipment. In this embarrassing situation, in order to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, high-speed labeling equipment is the first choice.

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