Two New Perspectives on Raising Rabbits

The female rabbits are a scourge and raise rabbits. The phenomenon of female rabbits often occurs. Many people think that it is caused by the lack of certain nutrients in the female rabbit. Actually, according to investigations and practical observations, it is found that a considerable number of female rabbits are the original culprits of rats. It steals rabbits and brings in odors to induce female rabbits to throw and eat. Therefore, rabbits should be strictly protected against rat damage and eradicate rats.

Give rabbits broken ears to help prevent disease Rabbit ears long and sensitive to hearing, easily stimulated to affect growth and induce disease. If the ear-breaking treatment is implemented, interference will be eliminated and prevention of disease will be promoted. Specific practice: Within 24 hours after the rabbit is born, after routine disinfection, take a duller and cut the two ear canals from the base of the ear. Because the rabbit's cardiovascular function is not yet perfect, it will not be sutured and will not bleed. On the contrary, the stimulation of broken ears can enhance the vitality of rabbits. However, this method is limited to the use of commercial rabbits, rabbits are prohibited.

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