Crab fish thrown in winter

In recent years, the production of crabs in various places has developed rapidly. Many farmers have chosen to invest their time in the spring season. Practice has proved that the implementation of crab seedlings in winter is better.
The first is that the price is cheap. At present, most of the crabs that we breed are purchased from Shanghai and Liaoning. Each year from mid-October to mid-November, we have a large number of crabs caught, concentrated wintering and sales. The purchase of seedlings is cheap, generally about 1 yuan each, and by the spring of the following year, due to a variety of factors, the price of crab seedlings has increased by a large margin, each selling at a price of 2 yuan to 3 yuan.
Second, the safety of crabs that have just been caught in transportation safety is rich in body fat, strong in physique, strong in adaptability and resistance, and at this time, the temperature difference between the north and the south is only 5-10°C, and the air is high in humidity, easy to operate, simple in management, and safe in transportation. Reliable; and after the winter crab seedlings frail, poor resistance, coupled with large temperature difference between North and South, susceptible to a variety of diseases, low survival rate of transport, and higher transportation requirements.
Third, the survival rate is high In winter, due to the clean water quality, the activity of bacteria and viruses is weakened, and the put crabs will be attacked by many kinds of germs to reduce the survival rate. Anti-escape during the winter, the difficulty of management is not great, can make crabs into the "new home", as soon as possible to adapt to the environment.
Fourth, during the growth period, the growing period of Changchun crab has only been more than 6 months. With the adaptation period removed, the growth is shorter, the individual is small, and the yield is low. In winter, the crabs generally extend the effective growth period of 1 to 2 months. It has a significant effect on the scale of growth, increase production, and increase profits.

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