Winter street tree pruning

Pruning of street trees in winter without obstructions by the leaves allows for clearer adjustment of tree vigor, improvement of ventilation and light transmission conditions, and correction of its inclination so that it can better serve urban afforestation.
Commonly used tree-shaped cups This tree is often used for street trees with overhead lines such as Fatong, Scorpio, and Wax.
The main shaft shape is often used for street trees such as paulownia, buckwheat, and eucalyptus that do not affect or naturally grow above overhead lines.
Naturally happy-shaped branches of this tree are relatively low. The center of the canopy is not empty but is easy to manage. It is mainly used for pruning of acacia trees and other flower trees.
Pruning method The branches should be removed from the dead branches, branches and branches, cross branches, and dense branches of the tree to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions in the crown, and to avoid or reduce the phenomenon of barefoot in the branches. When sparsely cut, the cut should be flush with the branches, leaving no stumps. If clusters and verticillate shoots need to be completely removed, they should be carried out in batches to avoid excessive wounding and affect the growth of trees.
Back shortening is often used to rejuvenate weak trees, old trees and old and weak branches. The principle is that the strong branches should be lightly cut and long stayed, and the weak branches should be cut short and heavy, so as to make the new branches grow stronger and balanced and achieve the purpose of rejuvenation. When retracting or shorting, the cut should be beveled and smooth. When choosing cut-off buds, be sure to keep it in the right direction.
Saw large branches For relatively large trunks, can not use branches, usually using a hand saw. To reduce the wound, the upper part of the branch should be sawed obliquely downwards, keeping the convex part at the lower part of the branch point so that the wound is minimal and easy to heal. To prevent wounds from decaying due to evaporation of water or intrusion of pests and diseases, protect the wound by applying a protective agent or sealing the wound with wax, or wrap it with plastic wrap to protect it from healing.
Pay attention to the problem Vehicles are to be driven under street trees. The height of their stems should be between 2.5 and 3.5 meters. The main branch should grow obliquely, and the pendulous branches should be kept above 2.5 meters. With overhead lines above, branches and telephone lines, cable television lines should be maintained at a distance of about 1 meter, and maintain a distance of more than 1.5 meters from the high-voltage lines.
Due to the influence of street orientation, high-rise buildings and underground pipelines, the phenomena such as declination of crown and inclination of street trees are often caused, and the center of gravity should be adjusted through pruning as soon as possible. For branches with weaker growth potential, as long as there is no contradiction between overhead lines and buildings, light shearing should be carried out so as to reduce the tree potential and balance growth.
When pruning street trees, care should be taken to ensure personal safety. Check the ladders and seat belts firmly before operating the trees. At the same time, pay attention to the safety of pedestrians and nearby buildings.

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