Rex rabbit feeding during pregnancy

Spring is the golden season for raising good rabbits, breeding young rabbits, and expanding rabbit origin. The following technical links must be grasped for the feeding and management of pregnant female rabbits.
Careful care:
After being pregnant, female rabbits should be caged and rabbits to prevent squeezing and chasing each Other . Do not catch rabbits without reason. When they need to be caught, the action should be light. Do not catch rabbit ears, let them struggle, or even drop the rabbits to the ground. Grab a rabbit and grasp the skin on its back slightly, taking care not to damage the skin.
Correctly touch the tire:
Incorrect contact with the baby can cause miscarriage or death. Touching the fetus should be carried out 15 days after the breeding. When you touch the tire, your strength should be moderate and not excessive.
Foot nutrition:
Female bunnies are pregnant for 30 days, 15 to 30 days of pregnancy are late pregnancy, fetal growth and development during this period, growth is 90% of the weight of newborn rabbits, so late in pregnancy must be full of protein, minerals and vitamins High quality feed.
Feed formulation:
41% of corn, 22% of cakes, 20% of bran, 15% of grass powder, 1.5% of bone meal, 0.5% of salt, 75 to 100 grams per day of female rabbits, feeding 3 times, and adding appropriate amounts of roughage and Green feed. Do not feed mildew and frozen feed, forage.
Prenatal preparation:
Three to four days before the female rabbits were born, the female rabbits were moved to a quiet and warm delivery cage. The clean litter box was prepared and cushioned with soft grass. Pay attention to keep warm and do a good job of rat protection.

DCS-B Bagging Scale System


In the DCS series Bagging Scale System, the Bagging Scale is the core and associate with elevator, Belt Conveyor, sewing machine and air compressor, those become an electronical quantitative packing line,


DCS-B Packing Machine is suitable for quantitative of granule materials in chemical, grain, food industry.

This bagging scale system can be applied both for free flowing and non-free flowing granule materials, such as the seed, commissariat, feedstuff, chemical raw material and chemical fertilizer etc.


Features of DCS-B Packing Machine:

The DCS-B Packing Machine is suitable for packing open-mouth bags made from paper, plastic, jute paper, or cotton with a filling weight ranging from 5 - 25 kg or 10 - 50kg depend on weight sensors. Its capacity ranges from 4 to 6 bags per minute.


Flowing Process of DCS-B Packing Machine:

Manual Bag handling Automatic filling Automatic weighing bag conveyer bag sewing or sealing.


Advantages of DCS-B Packing Machine:

1. DCS- B Packing Machine has the advantage of wide quantitative extent, high calculating precision, stable functioning, digital demonstration and easy operation.


2. The auto-adapted software has the function of controlling the parameter setup, the self-correcting of the fall height and fault self-diagnostics etc.


3. DCS-B Packing Machine adopts the imported sensor and pneumatic implementation mechanism which makes the work reliable, the maintenance easy and no pollution.


4. DCS-B Packing Machine's cabinet adopt advanced plastic-sprayed craft and component contacted with raw material all adopt imported stainless steel that can be used for a long period, for its high sanitation standard and anticorrosion.


Technical Data







Metering Range

0.5-5 KG

1-10 KG

5-25 KG

10-50 KG

Bagging Speed

Over 400 bag/H

Over 360 bag/H

Over 360 bag/H

Over 240 bag/H



Working Temperature

-10 Celsius ~ +40 Celsius

Dcs-B Bagging Scale System

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