Sugarcane deep plowing technology

Sugar cane is a kind of tropical and subtropical crop, which is a high pole crop with high temperature light, large amount of water, sucking fertilizer and long growing period. More than 70% of the sugarcane area in China is distributed in non-irrigated drylands and hills. Judging from the climate and irrigation conditions in the sugarcane area, seasonal drought is a major constraint for sugarcane production. In addition to the selection of sugarcane varieties that are suitable for drought resistance in these areas, the deepening technology for sugarcane fields is particularly important. It is to obtain sugarcane for high yield and high sugar production. The important way.
1. Deep ploughing techniques Deep ploughing refers to farming with walled ploughs. When ploughing, the topsoil is turned over and the subsoil is turned upside down to disrupt the soil structure of the cultivation layer. Large and medium-sized tractors are used for ploughing with hanging rakes, and the depth of ploughing is 30-40 cm.
1. The role and mechanism of deep plowing technology Deep plowing is to deepen the tillage layer, loosen the soil, increase the porosity in the soil, in order to enhance the infiltration speed and quantity of rainwater, avoid surface runoff, break the plow bottom layer, ripen the soil, and create a deep A farming technique in the cultivation layer can promote the development of sugar cane production.
2. Technical requirements The suitable tillage conditions are soil moisture content at 15%-22%; deep tillage depth is generally 30-40cm, and the depth is the same; the tillage and backlogging rate is less than 3%; the tillage is the same to avoid recultivation and ploughing; Deep plowing time should generally be carried out before the start of the rainy season in order to fully absorb rainwater.
3. The work implements are plowed and plowed with a wall plough. At present, the commonly used machines include: 1LD-440 type four-plow plow, 12F-125 type plow, 1L-330 type county hanging three plow, 1LS-245 hanging deep plowing three plow and so on.
4. Comparison of Economic Benefits Analysis The test results show that the deep plowing depth of the cane machinery is 35cm on average, and the average depth of the human and animal power plowing is 17cm. The machine-cultivation yield is 37% higher than the human and animal husbandry, and the absolute value of the sugar is increased by 1.29%.
5. Notes for deep ploughing (1) Deep ploughing operations should be carried out immediately after harvesting of the previous crop, according to soil moisture status, because the arable land can promptly turn the ground's wreckage and residual grasses into the soil and rot, reducing future pests and weeds. Breeding, but also there are more opportunities to accept precipitation and promote soil maturation, especially the need for drying, more important for early farming.
(2) Deep plowing is a heavy-duty operation, generally with large and medium-sized tractors and supporting equipment. Deep plowing should be based on local conditions. According to the local soil depth, it is not allowed to turn raw soil into plow layer.
(3) The deep plowing cycle can be carried out according to the sugarcane production cycle. In the south, it is generally a year of new planting, two years of perennial rooting, and three years of deep plowing is appropriate.
(4) Deep plowing should be supplemented with organic fertilizer. Due to the deep plowing soil layer, lack of soil nutrients, combined with the application of organic fertilizer, it can promote the activity of soil microbes and accelerate the recovery of soil fertility.

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