Chinese Cabbage Rational Fertilization Technology

First, need fertilizer characteristics

Cabbage, also known as “Chinese Cabbage,” “Yellow Sprout,” or “Warm Chinese Cabbage,” is a native and specialty vegetable in China. There are more than 1,000 varieties of Chinese cabbage in China and are widely cultivated throughout the country. North China is the main producing area. As a product of Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage is most sensitive to nitrogen requirements. About 1.5 kg of nitrogen, 0.7 kg of phosphorus, and 2 kg of potassium are absorbed per 1000 kg of cabbage. The approximate ratio is 1:0.47:1.33. The absorption of N, P, and K in different growth stages of Chinese cabbage is generally proportional to the increase in the dry weight of the plant. The germination period to the rosette stage only accounts for about 10% of the total absorption. 90%. The proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium absorption were also different in each period. The nitrogen uptake from rosettes to rosettes was the highest, followed by potassium and phosphorus. The most potassium absorbed during the ball stage, followed by nitrogen, phosphorus is still the least.

Second, fertilization technology

1, base fertilizer. The Chinese cabbage has a long growing period and requires a large amount of high-quality farmyard fertilizer with long-term fertilizer efficiency as a base fertilizer. In general, more than 5,000 kg of organic fertilizer is applied per acre, while 50-70 kg of compound fertilizer is applied per acre, and 60% of the fertilizer is deeply ploughed into the soil when cultivated. The remaining manure was plunged into shallow soil with the stubble and then ridged.

2, mention Miao Fei. In order to ensure sufficient nutrient for the seedling period, it is necessary to chase the available fertilizer as a seedling fertilizer. Generally, 3-5 kg ​​of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer is applied per acre, and it is applied to a sowing hole or a sowing ditch before being broadcasted. It is mixed well with the soil and then watered.

3, hair tree fat. Hair-fertilizer should be applied when a few plants begin to plant a tree, and should be re-applied with nitrogenous fertilizers, combined with the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, to meet the fast growing nutritional needs of Chinese cabbage during the rosette period. It is recommended to apply 10-15 kg of high nitrogen compound fertilizer per acre. Live Chinese cabbage should be open 8-10 cm in the ditch on the edge of the plant, apply fertilizer and cover soil; cabbage transplanted will be applied to the ditch, the hole, and the soil mix and then planted seedlings.

4, ball fat. The nodule period is the key period for the formation of Chinese cabbage cabbage core. If this period is defertilizer, it will directly affect the degree of heart and leaf cohesion and compaction, and reduce the yield and quality. Therefore, it is necessary to top-dress the Chinese cabbage before wrapping it. Generally, it is applied 5-6 days before the start of filling, and a large amount of fertilizer with long-lasting complete fertilizer, especially potassium fertilizer, is recommended. It is recommended to apply high-nitrogen and high-potassium compound fertilizer per mu. - 30 kg, open 8-10 cm groove in the line is appropriate. This topdressing has the effect of enriching the inner part of the leaf ball and promoting the "irrigation". Therefore, it is also called "heart filling".

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