Preventing pollution of tea mushroom bag

Mushrooms appear during the cultivation of Agrocybe aegypti, and the following measures should be taken to prevent contamination of the bags.

First, the cottonseed husks were concocted and fermented 24 hours in advance so that the feed temperature rose to 60-70°C to kill the bacteria.

The second is after the ingredients are added to the bran, the spices are bagged and sterilized on the stove for no more than 6 hours to prevent the rancidity of the matrix.

Third, keep the temperature above 100°C for 24 hours while sterilizing. Do not stop the fire halfway, do not mix cold water, and do not cool down. Thoroughly sterilize.

Fourth, the handling of the bag after sterilization should be carried out gently to prevent damage to the bag.

The fifth is to select the sunny night vaccination, and strictly perform the aseptic operation to prevent the entry of bacteria.

Sixth, the bacteria bag culture temperature control, to 23 ~ 26 °C is appropriate, pay attention to moisture, ventilation, dark.

Seventhly, the inspection is performed once every 7 days, and it is treated in a timely manner when there is contamination with bacteria and pests.

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