Rotary blade installation and adjustment

(1) Installation of the blade The chisel blade has no special requirements for installation. The straight shape of the chisel blade has strong earthing ability, poor soil properties, and easy to rent wrapped grass. It is suitable for weeds and compacted soil. Its installation is generally arranged on the blade by spiral evenly, with screws fixed on the blade. The left and right machete which has a blade with a curved head and a long outer edge has a strong cutting ability, and is suitable for water and dry land cultivation, and has a wide range of applications. If the blade is installed incorrectly, it not only affects the quality of the work but also affects the service life of the tool. Its installation generally has the following three methods. 1 outward loading: In addition to the two ends of the knife shaft inward bending, the other blades are outward, after the cultivation of the middle ditch, suitable for demolition farming. 2 inward: all the blades are bent to the middle, after the cultivating the middle into a ridge, there are ditch between adjacent two strokes. Suitable for farming. 3 Hybrid installation: The left and right machetes are staggered symmetrically on the cutter shaft, but the blades at both ends of the cutter shaft are bent inwards. Surface formation after ploughing is the most common method of installation. (2) Adjust the rotary tiller matched with the wheel tractor. The depth of the tiller is controlled by the hydraulic system of the tractor. Whole and half-separated hydraulic systems should use position adjustment. The split-type hydraulic system uses the positioning clamps on the cylinder rod to adjust the ploughing depth, and the joystick is placed in the "floating" position during operation. Rotary cultivating by a walking tractor is to adjust the depth of cultivation by changing the height of the tail wheel. When operating, the rack should be kept horizontal and horizontal, and the front and rear positions should make the transmission horizontal. The level adjustment is adjusted horizontally by the suspension boom's left and right booms. When the forward speed of the tractor is fixed, the cutter shaft rotates fast and the soil has good performance; the cutter shaft rotates slowly, and the ability to crush the soil is poor. When the speed of the cutter shaft is constant, the speed of the tractor is fast, and the soil is thick. In general, the speed of the cutter shaft is usually slow. When the soil is required to be finely crushed or plowed twice, fast gears are available. During the rotation tillage operation, the tractor uses the I and II files, and when it is used for the second time, the III file can be used.

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