What are the advantages of greenhouse warming agents?

What are the advantages of greenhouse temperature-increasing agents? Greenhouse temperature-increasing agents are valuable tools for growing vegetable greenhouses. Taking greenhouse warmers as an example, we introduce their advantages:
1) Improve the comprehensive benefits of agriculture and significantly increase farmers' income. The greenhouse warming agent has entered the production demonstration in Datian for 2 years and it has been used in 7000 greenhouses and 67 hectares orchards. Practice has shown that: With this technology, the average yield per 1/15 hectare (1 mu) is increased by more than 50%, and there are many typical cases of doubled production. Multi-application results show that the input-output ratio of this technology can reach 1:14-16.
2) Reduce production costs and improve the quality of agricultural products. After applying the warming agent for the greenhouses, the supply of carbon dioxide is sufficient, and the temperature and the ground temperature are increased. The beneficial microorganisms multiply, and the resulting disease-resistant spores and straws produce a large amount of organic and inorganic nutrients after maturity, so that the crops grow robustly, and the disease resistance is enhanced. The application situation in each area shows that under normal circumstances, the town has saved more than 50% of chemical fertilizers and saved about 70% of pesticides. Each greenhouse can reduce investment by more than 300 yuan. The reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can significantly improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, and the appearance and taste of fruit and vegetables are significantly improved.
3) Open up new ways to utilize crop stalks, with significant ecological benefits. The annual output of straw is 3.5 billion tons. A large amount of remaining straw is discarded and burned and cannot be used rationally. If a greenhouse warmer is used, every 1/15 hectares of fruit and vegetables can digest about 5,000 kilograms of straw, which will increase the utilization rate of straw and produce good economic benefits. At the same time, it can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by incineration of straw, fire, threatening highway traffic and aircraft. Landing and other issues.
4) The operation is simple, the investment is small, the straw conversion is large, and it is easy to promote. The use of greenhouse warming agents, only need to dig trenches, spread straw, bacteria, water, cover the membrane, investment 450 yuan per 1/15 hectare greenhouse, 200 yuan investment in Daejeon, due to simple technology, low investment The effect is good. It can not only digest unused straw resources, improve the ecological deterioration caused by the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the problem of harmful substances in agricultural products. It can also promote agricultural efficiency and farmers' income, and is welcomed by farmers.

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