Summer and Silkworm raise ten notes

First, prevent pesticide poisoning. Farm pests should be kept far from mulberry and silkworm plants, and they must not be polluted; mulberry crops should be sprayed on nearby crops to prevent them from smelling pesticide odors. Silkworm farmers should shower and change clothes before feeding silkworms or perform other treatments. Silkworm sericulture operations; mulberry sprays and top dressings outside the roots; bans on the use of pesticides; sericulture seasons should not be sprayed with pesticides and other organochlorine pesticides on the farmland near Jamsil; their fumigation will lead to poisoning of silkworms; After the feed was confirmed to be non-toxic, the leaves were fed with silkworms.

Second, the silkworm indoor mosquito-repellent mosquito or insecticide, insecticide, used in the housing adjacent to the Jamsil, but also closed the doors and windows of the silkworm in order to prevent poisoning.

Third, the silkworm room to install screen doors, screens, to prevent flies into the silkworm silkworm indoor hazards, and to add silkworm fly emulsion to kill flies.

Four, before the sericulture raises the mouse hole, the silkworm frame and the wall must maintain a certain spacing, and silkworm or silkworm medicine should be sprinkled around the feet of the silkworm frame to prevent the rats from crawling. To raise land silkworms, we must do a good job of drug extermination.

Fifth, summer and autumn silkworm breeding temperature is higher, in the morning to spray well water in the silkworm room, hanging wet cloth or straw curtains, doors and windows closed during the day to prevent hot air into the room, the night low temperatures, open the doors and windows all night. The mulberry leaves are sprayed with water, and indoor fans blow the breeze, which is also conducive to cooling in the room.

6. The diseased silkworm should be promptly cleaned up and put into the disinfecting pot filled with bleach solution or lime slurry. The diseased silkworm must not be thrown away and the diseased silkworm should be prohibited from feeding livestock and poultry to prevent the spread of pathogens and pollute the environment.

Seven, silkworm sand contains a large number of pathogens, can not be random disorder, but can not spread in the sun around the Jamsil, should be concentrated in the field to stack or put into the pit to prevent pathogen spread.

Eight, summer and high temperature, rapid pathogens, should pay attention to plans to collect the leaves, timely transport leaves, reasonable storage leaves, can not be stacked too thick, prevent heat metamorphosis induced silkworm disease. Storage mulberry pool should be disinfected once every age to eliminate germs, or to feed mulberry leaves overnight.

Nine, high temperature and wet weather avoid feeding wet leaves, storage mulberry leaves can not be sprinkled, to remove sand, sprinkle fresh lime powder, dried straw and other materials, inhibit the breeding of bacteria.

10. It is not the season of silkworm rearing. Do not store grain, bran, etc. in the silkworm in order to prevent it from being affected by the tide.

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