Four measures against greenhouse cucumber abnormalities

Cause of formation

The reasons for the different types of malformed melons are not the same. In general, the lack of light during the growth of cucumber, the night temperature is high, the temperature difference between day and night is small, the irrigation water is often more and less frequent, easy to appear thin waist melon. Plants grow too profusely, causing melons and mites to grow out of balance or melons to get sick. During the growing period of cucumber, the temperature is high, the moisture is large, the plant grows more vigorously, the melon strip grows faster, or in the flowering stage of the cucumber, the temperature is low, the rainy weather, the ground temperature is low, etc., resulting in poor pollination, the apex of pollination first enlargement, lack of nutrition, or moisture Insufficient, melons form more seeds at the top, melons grow thicker, and melons have less or no seeds in the lower middle, and the melons grow thin, becoming large-bodied melons. Cucumbers encounter low temperatures during the flower bud differentiation period, often forming ovary or four ovary locules, and it is easy to form short malformed melon balls.


Control the temperature: In the cucumber breeding period to give the appropriate temperature, especially in the two true leaves, the temperature requirements day and night, a larger number of night temperatures not lower than 12 °C, so as not to form a deformed ovary, grow into a malformed melon. The temperature difference between day and night in the cucumber melon period needs to be larger. During the melon period, the daytime temperature should not exceed 30°C. At night, the temperature should be 16°C-18°C and the middle of the night should be 13°C-15°C. Ventilation should be strengthened to prevent over 30°C. , ensure the normal pollination and fertilization, so that the thickness of the melon strips grow well-proportioned.

Rational fertilization: Apply enough base fertilizer, increase organic fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Applying a small amount of fertilizer to the top dressing for the top dressing after harvesting. After every 10 days or so, you need to top-up the fertilizer and strictly control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. The formula fertilization technique should be used. The ratio of NPK: 5:2:6 To prevent plant growth. In the middle and late stage, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution was sprayed on the leaves to prevent premature aging.

Reasonable watering: during the growth of cucumber, especially in the period of squashing, cucumber can not be considered as fertilizer and fertilizer, a lot of topdressing, irrigation, resulting in "running chanting", but can not suddenly dry, suddenly ignorant. Sunny days should pay attention to watering to prevent water shortages. To control the amount of watering watering, especially in the fruit expansion period should not be excessive watering.

Strengthen pest and disease prevention: For diseases such as cucumber downy mildew, disease, and gray mold, in the initial stage of cucumber growth, we must always pay attention to the central diseased plant, and timely remove the diseased leaves to prevent the spread of the disease. Prevention and treatment of diseases can be done by spraying aerosols without increasing the humidity in the sheds and preventing them from becoming more thorough. Use 45% chlorothalonil smoke agent per acre 250 grams, points distributed in the shed, in the evening one by one from the inside to ignite the cigarette smoke after the closed shed, generally 7 to 10 days 1 time, once every 2 to 3 times. For aphids, whitefly can be sprayed with 10% imidacloprid wettable powder, but also can use 22% dichlorvos smoke smoke.

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